2 January 2014 (Thursday) - FTF in the Mud

After a week or so of reasonable sleep I was wide awake at 4am, and watching episodes of "Family Guy" by 6am. Some episodes of that show are really amusing and entertaining; today's (in which Stewie attempted to murder Santa) was just lame.

And so, after a really good Christmas break, it was back to work. As always I listened to the radio on my way there. For all that the show often winds me up, I do like the morning's radio show as it makes me think. Even if I disagree with it.
Today's morning news,current events and discussion show had a guest editor (they do that over the Christmas break) and consequently the show was absolutely terrible. I can't actually remember anything worthy of note being on the program. Instead they concentrated on what I can only describe as "leftie-hippy-ism" with far too much hippie singing and too much bad poetry.
The show was so dire that I actually turned the radio off.

Yesterday afternoon I saw that a new geocache had gone live in the Canterbury area. In Ashford the things are hunted down like wild animals. In Canterbury no one really bothers chasing First to Find. This morning over brekkie I saw the thing was still waiting to be found for the first time, so I set off a little early to see if I could get a cheeky FTF before work
The cache was in Harbledown. I found Harbledown easily enough, but it was at this point that my sat-nav app gave up the ghost and refused to do anything. Three or four re-boots seemed to achieve nothing, so I asked locals for directions to Duke's Meadow. No one had heard of the place. I drove about for a bit, and was on the point of giving up when sat-nav burped and told me I was one hundred metres from my destination.
I could see where I was supposed to be; and I plodded through a swamp to get there. I solved the small puzzle, and found that my final target wasn't too far away. So I swam through more swamp, and braved jungle before finally getting to my prize. FTF - my fifty-fifth FTF, and my first on a multi-cache.
I would have done a little celebratory victory dance if not for the fact that I was ankle deep in sloppy muddy leaf litter.

Back to the car, where I scraped off the worst of the mud. By now I was running a little short of time so rather than going to a supermarket I stopped at the little corner shop in Martyr's Field for the makings of lunch. I asked them if they had any fruit. The chap behind the counter looked blankly at me. I tried being more specific; the fellow had no idea what bananas were, but he had heard of apples. He didn't sell them though.
From his attitude you would think I'd asked if he sold anthrax or firearms; he seemed so shocked to be asked for fruit.

Once at work I did my bit whilst looking out of the window. After ten days of storm-ridden holiday today I was at work looking out at glorious sunshine. Once dried I brushed most of the mud off of my trousers and did my bit until my bit was done.
I came home to find Rab C Nesbit was on the telly. I like him...

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