27 January 2014 (Monday) - Pigs, Scotland...

Having slept in front of the telly for most of yesterday evening I wasn't expecting a good night's sleep. However it was going better than usual until I had a particularly vivid dream in which we had been given a large pig as a pet. In my subconscious it would seem that large pigs are the companion animal of choice for Patagonian Tripe-Hounds; the only reason we had this pig was to be company for my dog.
In my dream pigs did not do well on leads; nor did they respond to whistles. And we won't even mention toilet training. I was having a rather traumatic time with said pig when I found myself almost leaping from the bed in panic. After such a rude awakening I didn't get back to sleep again.
Consequently I was watching Family Guy shortly after 5am this morning. On my own. My dog didn't stir from his bed at all. I think yesterday's walk had worn him out somewhat.

I scraped the ice from the car and set off to work. As I drove there was talk on the radio of Burns Night which took place over the weekend. Some of my colleagues had been to Burns Night events this weekend; many of them claiming some vague Scottish connection.
This is something which perennially boils my piss. Whilst I can see a place for mention of Burns Night on national radio, why do people born and bred in Kent try to claim some sort of Scottish heritage. And come to that why are there so many fiercely patriotic Scots living in Kent. I've never been to the place; mainly because from where I am it's the furthest place to which I can get without crossing the sea. But if it is as wonderful as it is billed to be, why do all its advocates choose to live as far away from the place as is physically possible?
Co-incidentally (or not) as I drove home there was an article on the radio exploring the possibility of an independent Scotland aligning itself politically with the Scandinavian countries. An interesting concept. Amazingly those who want a Scotland independent from the rest of the UK want to be subservient to Norway and Sweden. And ironically the Scandinavian countries don't much fancy taking Scotland on.

I had a message from "My Boy TM" . After Saturday's fun with the marble track he's now put it away. I wonder if the thing will ever see the light of day again? I hope so.

Once home I boiled up the scran that er indoors TM" had left me, and with er indoors TM" out at bowling I settled down in front of the telly and slept through an episode of Jeeves and Wooster; which was a shame. I quite like the antics of Bertie...

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