18 January 2014 (Saturday) - The News

I shared my toast with my dog as we watched the latest episode of South Park. Whilst it was amusing, like Family Guy, I get the distinct impression that not being up on current American affairs I am missing most of the jokes in the show.

Leaving er indoors TM" fast asleep I set off to work. The original plan for today was not for me to be working. The original plan featured a serious booze-up in Canterbury. But there is a limit to how far up I can booze these days without feeling seriously under the weather. And with money being tight the opportunity for a little extra is not to be turned down lightly.
As I drove I couldn't help but admire the sunrise. Leaving a little later than usual meant I was not driving in the darkness, which was a good thing.

As I drove I listened to the radio. There was talk about the effects of post traumatic stress disorder on servicemen; especially focussing on the recent case of a soldier who killed his toddler.
Apparently PTSD is far commoner in the USA than here in the UK, or so it was alleged. The expert being interviewed disputed that claim. It was then claimed that PTSD was a contributory factor for so many ex-servicemen being in prison. And then my piss boiled. The interviewer quoted (from somewhere or other) that ten per cent of the UK prison population are ex-servicemen. The expert being interviewed disputed that figure; claiming the actual percentage varied depending on how it was calculated. How does that work? You add up the number of ex-servicemen in prison and divide by the total prison population. Both figures should be matters of public record. How could there be any question on the matter?

Something else which should be beyond question are the allegations against the disc jockey Dave Lee Travis. Apparently there is video footage of him shoving his hand up the skirt of some bimbo who was foisting herself on to him whilst he was introducing the Smurfs during an episode of "Top of the Pops" in the mid-1970s. If the video footage exisits then one can't help but wonder if the same sequence contains the protests of this now grown up bimbo. Perhaps if she didn't want to have sex with a radio presenter, had she complained at the time then the complaint might have been recorded. It's either on record or it's not.
Co-incidentally I watched an episode of "Top of the Pops" (from 1979) the other day. The DJ presenting the show seemed to be being mobbed by nubile bimbos. I can't help but think that those bringing allegations against Dave Lee Travis are applying today's social standards to the 1970s. Things were very different then.

Over the last few days and weeks I have grumbled about the constant rain. If nothing else I have now found the cause of the rain. The Prime Minister is to blame. Apparently this spate of bad weather has been sent by God to punish the Prime Minister because he has supported the princuiple of gay marriage. Or so says a leading crackpot councillor.
What can I say? God may well be punishing the Prime Minister. However I can't help but feel it unfair that everyone else has to suffer with him. Couldn't the Almighty have smited him with a boil on his bum or something that wouldn't have bothered all the innocent bystanders. I can't help but wonder how many weddings between same sex couples have been postponed because of the bad weather. I suspect that there weren't many.

Once at work I did my bit on a surprisingly busy day. The aching back and stomach muscles didn't help much. And with my bit done I came home. Ans fell asleep in front of the telly. Again...

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