21 January 2014 (Tuesday) - Great Chart

I felt rather smug as I woke this morning and looked at the time and realised that often I would be in Morrisons in Canterbury at that time of the morning. I like this "sleeping"; it's far better than laying awake for most of the night.

After a swif brekkie I had the lead on to "Furry Face TM" and we were off on our walk before 8.30am. It was a damp foggy morning, but he likes to go out straight away. If I don't take him out immediatly after brekkie he gets fractious.
We had a minor episode when we walked past Singleton Lake when some woman I have never seen before came up and asked how "she" was after "her" ordeal. I smiled politely and this woman pointed at my dog and said "yes - after she went missing". I then found myself embroiled in a convoluted argument in which this woman was demanding thanks for her having found and rescued my dog after "she" had been missing for several days; eventually being found (by this woman) near some pumping station. This woman flatly refused to beleive that my dog has never been missing for anything like that length of time (his record absence is just over an hour in Kings Wood). She implied that my denials were trying to cover up the fact that I was a bad dog-owner, and she would not beleive that Fudge was a boy and not a girl. Were I a vulgar person I would have waved his nasty at her; but it is his nasty, and not mine to wave.

As we walked into Great Chart I met an ex-cub and his mother. I remembered both, and both remembered me. We chatted for several minutes, and then I got on with the main business of the day. At the Christmas meeting of the Kent chapter ot tupperware hunters I'd entered the raffle and won a bumper set of plastic tubs. Today I thought I'd release them into the wild. And I did.
I set out a trail of eleven geocaches; along muddy footpaths, through smelly cattle yards, and through some rather boggy swamps. It will be a lovely walk once the ground dries up a little; it's somewhere I walk from time to time and normally it *is* a rather wonderful stroll.
Whilst we were out we met some woolly ponies. "Furry Face TM" didn't bark at them at all, which surprised me.

Once home my dog jumped straight into the bath, and with the mud hosed off of him we both had lunch. As I scoffed I watched "Kick Ass"; a film I'd been intending to watch for some time. It was good, but perhaps half an hour too long.
And with film watched and lunch scoffed I did the admin work for that series of geocaches. I've set them up as puzzles; it only took five hours to do the on-line paperwork. Let's see if the reviewers are happy with what I've done.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered. Having locked ourselved out of Somerset Road we descended on Arden Drive for an episode of Merlin. Good stuff...

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