4 January 2014 (Saturday) - Pantomime, Daleks

I was woken by the dustmen doing their thing at 6am this morning. A shame they couldn't have done it quieter. I came down to find four rolls of bin bags through the letter box and a letter telling me to make them last until July. The letter also mentioned food waste bags, but none had actually been delivered. I shall have to whinge to the council on Monday.

I checked email and Facebook, then took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. Bearing in mind the floods at the park yesterday and the Saturday fun(ny) run, I thought we'd walk round Frog's Island this morning. We couldn't get close as the river had burst its banks and had flooded the footpaths. We came home via a rather convoluted way (just to give the dog a walk) and I played Candy Crush Saga until "My Boy TM" came round.

We drove down to Folkestone for a spot of McLunch were some of th e clans gathered. Then we went round to the Leas Cliff Hall to meet up with the rest of the party for the annual dose of pantomime. Cindarella was a good show; the Dames were entertaining, Buttons was dim. All rather good; especially the choruses. I do like the panto. Last year I was wondering if I might join an an-dram group to be in a panto. I'm still wondering if there is a group I might join. I think I'd be good ono the stage.

After the show we drove round to visit "Daddies Little Angel TM". We had a cuppa, fussed Sid and "other dog", and came home. I had a shower, and er indoors TM" went round to Curry's to read them the riot act and it's relevence to sales of dishwashers. Apparenntly they are going to try to deliver another dishwasher on Wednesday afternoon.
Oh well, it's not as though I was planning to do anything other than play Candy Crush on Wednesday afternoon.

I then wasted an hour mucking about with the settings and photos on my Facebook page, and with er indoors TM" off out to a meeting of fellow candlemongers I found myself home alone with a small Patagonian Tripe-Hound asleep on my chest. So I got out the left-over Stilton and cheese straws and put "Escape to Victory" on the telly. I'd recorded it on to the SkyPlus box over the holiday; a standard film that gets trotted out every Christmas. I've only ever seen bits of it before; I'd never seen it in its entirety.
It was something of a disappointment.

Just before I went to bed I checked out a geocaching group on Facebook where someone had gone looking for a geocache and had found a dalek. I've found several things when out and about, but so far none of these...

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