17 January 2014 (Friday - Backache

I had been sleeping relatively well until a small dog jumped on me shortly before 5am. Well, today was to be another early start; I had set the alarm, and I was only woken half an hour or so earlier than I needed to be up. Something of a result, really.
I was helped to eat my toast my a dog who wouldn't be so hungry if he ate his tea. I have been told that if cats are akin to teenagers then dogs are toddlers. My one certainly fits the bill.
And I then set off to work on a very dark morning. Again I nearly (but not quite) mowed down a succession of cyclists who made a point of having nothing bright or luminous about themselves.

As I drove I listened to the radio. The pundits were discussing the role of banks in society. Apparently control of the world's financial concerns is a very important matter. Governments are now wondering if it is wise to have handed over such control (in its entirety) to independent commercial institutions such as the banks.
Only a few years ago a future controlled by international corporations rather than by elected governments was firmly in the realms of science fiction. It would seem that today's politicians are getting worried. As should we all. I suppose I could do the rant about this being what you get when you don't vote in a sensible and considered manner, but I've done that to death over the years.

There was also concern expressed over the fact that it hasn't stopped raining for weeks. Parts of America are freezing, and the Australians are facing one of the most serious heat waves ever. Apparently whilst human activity has undeniably caused "global warming and climate change", no one in the meteorological world was prepared to state whether or not the current extremes were part of what we should expect in the future, or just a random one-off occurrence.

And so to work where I really shouldn't have been today. In retrospect I should have phoned in sick. Yesterday when I had my little episode in the flood I would seem to have seriously bruised something in my back. It was incredibly painful today. And as the day wore on so all the muscles around my stomach began to ache more and more. It really hurt; and I did play for sympathy. Not that any was forthcoming...

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