15 January 2014 (Wednesday) - Dull

I was awake over an hour before my alarm was set to go off this morning. In the past I have killed time in the morning by doing the washing up. Now we have a dishwasher this seems to be something of a waste of time. So I watched more "Family Guy". I really should find a DVD boxed set to watch; "Family Guy" is just a little mind-numbing.

This morning was especially dark and damp. As I drove to work I listened to the radio. The pundits were complaining about how much of a bonus staff working for the state-owned banks are likely to get.
There was talk of bonuses of almost double the bankers salaries being bandied about. On the one hand this is rather (extremely) excessive; especially for a state owned bank. On the other hand if staff don't get such bonuses then the better and more able amongst them will secure jobs in the private banking sector where they will get such bonuses. Thereby leaving the state owned banks in an even worse position than they are currently in.

Once at work there was no danger of a two hundred per cent bonus. So I jusst did my bit, and then came home via a crafty visit to see "The Man With No Alias (patent pending)" to geet his autograph.

After the highs of the last few days, today was rather dull. But the dull days serve to highlight how good the other days are..

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