6 January 2014 (Monday) - Tired

I had perhaps the worst night's sleep ever last night. I went to bed with guts ache, having spent much of yesterday evening sharing left-over cheese with my dog and then having a farting contest with him (which I think I won)
er indoors TM" came home from bowling five minutes after I nodded off, and she clumped about until 2am, and which point she snored until 6am. I don't sleep much, but I need *some* sleep, so at 6am I kicked her awake and told her that it was now my turn to sleep.
She took no notice. I don't blame her. I wouldn't have done. But I did spend much of the day feeling extremely tired. Perhaps I shuld have phoned in sick? Were I not seriously sucking up to management I might have done so.

I checked out the world of social media over brekkie. There were several independent discussions (rants) aboult the concept of "spoilers". What one person sees as a general and non-specific comment on any given topic, another sees as having completely explained the matter and having ruined any element of surprise. This made me think; I do hope I've never given any spoilers about anything in this blog; if I do, I hope someone would tell me.

And so to work. The roads were very wet; the rivers flooding the fields. Had I been able to have parked along the A28 I would have photographed a flock of horses which were knee deep in flood water. But I couldn't so I didn't.
As I drove I listened to the radio. For no adequately explained reason much of the morning's current affairs show was being broadcast from Nigeria. Things are tough over there; I'm not entirely sure the entire thing wasn't a government plot to make the UK population (or Radio Four listeners at least) grateful for what we have got.

And so to work where I had a surprisingly good day despite feeling worn out. During my mid afternoon break I had an email. A new geocache had gone live only half a mile away from where I work. The next five hours did drag somewhat; and I was checking my email as I walked out at home time. Thatt geocache was still unfound. A two minute drive and a three minute search soon had me with thee log in my hand. An unsullied log - First to Find. Happy dance.
This morning I'd seen a lot of people getting worke up about spoilers. I'm not going to give any about this new cache; I shall content myself with saying that it was rather unusual...

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