24 January 2014 (Friday) - Spring Clips

I felt rather grotty last night, and so had an early night. I think that might have been a mistake; I slept very badly, seeing every hour of the night.
I gave up trying to sleep at seven o'clock, and ate half of my morning's toast; my dog having the other half. As we scoffed I watched an episode of Family Guy. Some of those episodes are rather saucy. Lois had her kit off. I was shocked (!)

I left for work a little earlier than I might normally have done. I needed to obtain a spring clip for geocachical purposes. B&Q were selling four for £5.25. I thought that was rather expensive and told them so. Homebase in Canterbury had the same thing for £1.79. Admittedly Homebase didn't have quite as fancy packaging on theirs, but packaging is just going in the bin anyway.
The icing on the cake for me was that they had a split pack on the shelf. I only wanted one clip, and they had an odd one for sale for 50p. Result.

As I drove I listened to the radio. The pundits were talking about the life sentences given by courts to murderers. Should a life sentence mean the murderer spends their entire life in jail? It is so easy to make blithe pronouncements from one's ivory tower. Murder is a terrible thing. Premeditated multiple murder done in a rather sadistic way is one thing. Two drunken lads having a girlie-slapping squabble and then one slipping on a discarded kebab, cracking his head on a kerb stone and dying is quite another. But both are to be treated the same - as "murder".
How can there be justice when laws are absolute?

Being Friday the radio also had "Desert Island Discs". Today the Queen's chaplain got to choose her favourite eight records. Because I needed to get to work I only heard half of the show; but that was enough for me to realise that I wouldn't want to be stuck on a Desert Island with her.
Some people have a terrible taste in music.

And much as I might whinge about the news, I am grateful that censorship in our news isn't quite as blatant as it is in Malaysia. The poor pigs are covered up for fear of offending religious sensibilities.

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