9 Septemper 2013 (Monday) - Stuff

Blake’s four were having all sorts of problems with a booby trapped door today. In between the door which was rigged to a nuclear explosive which was going to explode within the hour they were scrapping with natives and getting jiggy with ladies who seemed more interested in getting jiggy with other ladies. I rather lost the plot about half way through; which is probably where the script writers lost it too.

I put “Furry Face TM “’s collar and lead on him and took him round to the vets. He seemed to be on the mend, and the vet agreed. We never did get to the root cause of what had laid him low, but the vet was under the impression that it was probably something that he had eaten. I didn’t realise that dogs actually have delicate stomachs; onions are poisonous to them as are leeks. The vet said it was probably best to leave off al vegetables.

I then took the convalescent dog for a small walk. A small series of caches had gone live yesterday and they made or a good walk for an hour or so. Or that is they would have done had it not been cold and raining. The convalescent dog in question had his tail between his legs for most of the walk; only perking up when we came home.

Once home I did the accounts. There’s no denying they would have been better had I not spent out on repairs to the car and the dog, but what is money for if not to spend foolishly on cars and dogs. And fences. Regular readers of this drivel may recall the fence is in need of repair. “My Boy TMhelped me acquire much of the ingredients for the new fence I hope to build on Sunday. He’s a good lad.

And with my lap top going seriously west (user profile not found) I think I’ve found my third serious expense. They say problems come in threes…

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