21 September 2013 (Saturday) - Old Peculier (hic!)

Being awake at 3.30am I had this plan to get up, pootle about and then I might sleep after an hour or so's pootling. So I watched a DVD. The last ever episode of Blake's Seven. Blake came back. There are those who might feel that he'd left it rather kate, but better late than never. Immediately on meeting the first of his henchmen he handed said henchman to the authorities, and when the rest of his gang showed up they killed him before he could tell tham that he wasn't really a baddie. The whole lot ended up as a bloodbath, which was probably for the best. I then went back to my pit and lay awake before finallly emerging from that pit shortly before 8am.

I would have made myself comfortable on the sofa for brekkie, but my dog had made himself comfortable. I didn't have the heart to move him, so I perched precariously next to him and checked out what was going on in the world via Facebook. It turned out that not a lot was happeneing.

So with some time spare I put "Furry Face TM"'s collar and lead on him and we went for a walk up to Little Burton Farm and back. Probably a round trip of about four miles; it took us about an hour and a half. Whilst we were out my dog rolled in two seperate piles of fox poo and humped a King Charles spaniel. It's two weeks since he was ill; he seems to be firmly on the mend.

Whilst we were out we met so many members of Ashford's Nepalese community. At the risk of sounding racist, are all Gurkhas terrifed of dogs? We always meet Nepalese people when we walk. they are always polite, friendly, but all of them always seem to cower away from Fudge and from every other dog they see.

We came home, and I bathed my dog. I wish he wouldn't roll in fox poo; it just adds ten minutes bath time to the day's itinery. And then I couldn't beleive my ears. With over twenty minutes to go before Lisa would be picking us up, er indoors TM" announced that she was ready. Early (!) That *never* happens.

And so on with the main business of the day; the monthly meet-up of Kent's geocachers. Today we met up at Halstead; a rather obscure village near Sevenoakes. The meet was really good. I especially liked the mini ship selling trackables and geo coins. The venue was excellent; a really friendly pub with six ales on the hand pump. And the meet itself - -it was good to meet up with old friends who share a predilection for hunting tupperware in the woods. We even went out and found a dozen caches. If only we could get people to embrace the concept of "smug mode" - letting everyone find a cache. The first one in a group to find any given cache doesn't need to wave the thing in the air. They might let everyone have a go at finding.

In retrospect the fifth pint of "Old Peculier" was probably somewhat ambitious, but that's the kind of guy I am...

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