31 August 2013 (Saturday) - Ashford Beer Festival

Once I'd got home and done the astro club's accounts and finished mucking about last night it was nearly midnight. Despite having been on the go since 5am I wasn't especially tired. I had a stroke of genius. Bearing in mind I would need to find a geocache on the31st to complete the month's geochallenge, and also bearing in mind that "Furry Face TM" always likes a walk we set off into town. There was a new one went live in the town centre a week or so ago, but whenever I've been near there have been workmen about. There was no one to be seen when I did the secret geo-ritual at one minute past midnight.
And so with the month's challenge completed I came home feeling rather pleased with myself. I never thought that finding (at least) one cache a day for the entire month of August would be practical. With only one un-found cache within six miles of the house at the start of the month, and two family holidays planned for the month it was going to be tricky. But I managed it, and with three FTFs as well. There's no denying that having people hiding caches nearby during the month really helped.
Mind you, I'm hoping there isn't a similar challenge next year.

Talking of geo-thinging we could have gone away on a geo-camp this weekend. In fact we would have gone if not for having had a better offer. This morning over a spot of brekkie I read some of the on-line reports from geo-camp. One especially caught my eye: "Well its ten to four I have thrown up once found two caches completly wasted and now I rekon its time tto go to sleep, god im gonna suffer in the morning, happy days".
I must admit I'm glad the better offer came up.
Another offer for today that I turned down was a fry-up brekkie. It would have been good, but I've put on half a stone in weight over the summer and having high calorie plans for today already I thought it best to moderate the calories. After all the secret to weight loss is easy. Just stop eating so much. It really is that simple. I've done it once. I need to do it again. Being permanently hungry is a pain (literally) but I know from experience that for me there is no other way to do it.

I walked "Furry Face TM" round the park. As we went I listened to the breakfast show from AHBS on my phone's radio. I usually only listen to the radio when in the car. Today was a special event and I wanted to listen to Chip broadcasting to the masses. I enjoyed the show but did find the phone's ear pieces uncomfortable. How does everyone else manage?

Once home it wasn't long before Lisa and Earle arrived. We set off to the rugby club for the beer festival. I'd not been to the rugby club's beer festival before, and when we could hear the bands from a mile away my heart sank. I like live music when it is done well. Unfortunately it is rarely done well; and all too often there is a misconception that turning up the volume will disguise the fact that the band is rubbish. We arrived to find one such band playing rubbish music at deafening volume. But they didn't play for long, and were superseded by some surprisingly good bands who didn't feel the need to be quite so loud.
We met up with the rest of our number, and a pleasant afternoon was spent watching rugby, drinking silly names beers to excess, sitting in the sun. It was especially good to meet up with Terry who was over on a flying visit.
As the afternoon wore on we wandered round the fun fair, scoffed candy floss, ate hog roast. This was the rugby club's eleventh beer festival. I can't believe its taken me so long to get along to one.

One minor result was to find that the organisers were throwing away the disposable glasses the beer was being served in. We gathered up one or two of those as they are always useful. We now have replenished our stock of Shepherd Neame plastic pints and should not need any for another five years...

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