30 September 2013 (Monday) - Et In Arcadia Ego...

I woke at 4am today and rather than laying awake I got up instantly, pootled about for a bit and then tried going back to bed after half an hour's assorted chores. This experimentr was a qualified success; I slept deeply, but had a particularly vivid dream featuring "The Man With No Alias (patent pending)" who in this dream was wearing seriously thick make-up to conceal a black eye. He would not reveeal the source of this black eye, buut was unusually defensive about suggestions that he had been "bashed up off of a girl". Back in the days when I was a cub scout leader being "bashed up off of a girl" was one of the most seriously humiliating things that could ever happen to anyone.

Over brekkie I checked emails. Last night I mentioned that no one had found the geocaches that I had hidden. I was wrong. They had been found, but by people who use dedicated GPS units. One of the many problems with dedicated GPS units is that logging what you've done with them takes longer than it does with a phone.
I must admit that my piss boiled somewhat. Over the last year I have received a fair amount of sarcasm and rudeness about the sort of caches that I have hidden. Many of them have been deliberately simplistic so that they might be easily found. This way of hiding received some serious criticism so earlier this year I hid a few caches which were rather trickier and were intended to be more challenging. These harder caches haven't received many visits; one of them had no one go near the thing for over four months. Last week I put a *lot* of effort into making a Wherigo cache which has had a very disappointing reception.
Yesterday I announced eight plastic sandwich boxes shoved under some sticks at any old random tree root and the punters came running from far and wide.

With washing put out oon the line I put the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and we went for a walk around Little Chart. Whilst in the area I went for a new cache that had gone live overnight. It would have been nice to have had a First to Find; I was beaten to it. By someone who already had over twenty FTFs yesterday... But Little Chart is a rather scenic place to be, and my little dog was as good as gold on and off the lead. More people should walk in the countryside; it is truly wonderful.
We came home after an hour or so, and I took the bin of garden waste to the tip. I had planned to carry on making good in the garden, but the membrane I was going to use had been dragooned into use as a makeshift barbecue cover.

Lunch, and then I spent a little while working on another Wherigo cache. I say " a little while"; I completely lost track of the time. I had intended to iron during the afternoon. I stopped Wherigoing when er indoors TM" came home at 7.30pm.
Most of teh ironing will keep; I spent the rest of the evening ironing shirts whilst watching DVDs. Having watched Babylon 5, BattleStar Galactica and Blake's Seven, the next boxed set on my shelf was Brideshead Revisited.
Brideshead Revisited is a particular favourtite of mine. I have read the book so many times I nearly know it off by heart...

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