19 September 2013 (Thursday) - Pirates !

I woke a lot later than usual - it was gone 5am when I woke; and I didn't feel one hundred per cent. So I lay in bed until 6.30am when I finally emerged. I couldn't face Blake's Seven this morning; instead I wasted some time on the Internet. As I sat on the sofa FF jumped up and snuggled. Anyone who meets my dog immediately comes to the conclusion that he is a mad thing bordering on being hyperactive. He isn't. Well, not all of the time. When no one is looking he can be quite soppy as he was this morning.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was struggling to keep my caching streak going as I was fast running out of local caches to hunt. Yesterday a new one went live which was right on my way to work. However it had been hidden by a chap who seems to hide them in such a way to leave me foxed. Certainly I've made hard work of his last three hides.
Bearing that in mind and consequently expecting quite a search this morning I left for work with plenty of time, and found the cache after about ten seconds of hunting. I have now done fifty continuous days of finding a cache.
Having found this morning's cache I was suddenly at a loose end; with over an hour before I needed to be at work. So I drove round Chartham and hunted out likely parking places for future walks with my dog. I also went in to the Cheapo Bargains shop. Ashford's Cheapo Bargains shop does two bottles of (fairly decent) plonk for six quid. The shop in Canterbury does the same two bottles for a fiver. So I got some of those. I would have got a new phone charger as well if the staff could have been bothered to show me where they were kept.

And so to work ou il y etait un piroquet dans l'arbre. Un piroquet (!) "Morbleu! Parsambleu! Sapristi! Tonnerre de Brest! Mille millions de mille sabords!" nous disons. Entre-temps le singe et l'autre oiseau doit marchent sur la planche. After all it was "National Talk Like A Pirate Day" today.
In previous years I've blogged about this. I won't go over the old ground; I'll just say that it was a fun idea at the time which has probably long since had its day. It's not been the same since it's founder Mad Cap'n Tom threw in the sponge.

And so home. That trolley is still in the front garden. I shall get in touch with those Trolleywise people tomorrow...

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