5 September 2013 (Thursday) - Stuff

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going up the KFC shop for my tea. The "Mega Bucket for One" was rather tasty. And at just over a fiver it wasn't especially expensive as a treat. However at one thousand two hundred calories it rather counteracted any healthy intentions I'd had on my walk earlier in the day. As I scoffed my "Mega Bucket for One" I watched a film I'd recorded onto the Sky Plus box - "Full Metal Jacket" is a strange film. It's effectively two films. The first part about an army training camp is quite engaging. The second part, about a war in Vietnam some time later isn't.
I then had a relatively early night, but I was still up and watching Blakes Seven DVDs before 5am. This morning our heroes were at each others' throats again. They seem to squabble a lot at the moment, but it passed an otherwise dull hour before I left early for work.

I took a rather circuitous route today; failing to find one geocache, but locating another. "Gunners" eluded me, but I found "Gunners 2". I can see (or know of) no artillery-related reference to the location in which the caches are hidden. I can only suppose that "Gunners" is a football reference. I hesitate to roll my eyes in despair, but even so...
What is it with football that people find so fascinating. I can understand playing the game; like I can understand participating in any sport, recreation or pastime. But watching someone else doing it? And declaring undying allegiance to some team based miles away; the members of which are utterly oblivious of your existence?
I wish I could see the attraction. After all millions of others do.

Mind you apparently four per cent of the British public think Elvis is still alive That's two million nutters... But I digress...

As I drove to work I could see autumn had arrived. Keat's "season of mists" was never more evident than along the A28 to Canterbury this morning. The fogs were particularly beautiful along the Stour by Godmersham. The same fogs also caused a pile-up involving over a hundred cars which constituted one of the most serious emergencies the county's emergency services had ever seen.

Bearing in mind the stupidity I see every morning with people speeding past me on blind corners, this pile up can hardly be surprising. Why do people drive so dangerously. Every day on my journey to and from work I drive at the speed limit on the ten miles along the A28, and there will be at least half a dozen people who fly past me at speeds in excess of seventy miles an hour.

As I drove I listened to the radio, as always. The pundits were wittering on about the antics of various politicians, and were treating this trivia with respect, regardless of the fact that in two weeks time no one will remember anything about what these politicians were up to.
Then there was an article about the latest findings in deep space. Astrophysicists have apparently mapped magnetic fields in the galaxy's core. There are untold implications for this news, not least of which is that understanding massive magnetic flows may ultimately help us fuel the space ships which will save the human race when the sun explodes. But the news pundits treated science as though it were mere vaudeville comedy. I've ranted about this in the past. The most fleetingly trivial antics of celebrities and politicians is always given centre stage by the media whilst that of importance is never treated with respect.
I suppose the media is pandering to those who follow football, drive like an idiot, or think that Elvis is still alive.

Once at work I continued assisting my colleague in his efforts to master the French language. Maintenant le poisson est dans l'arbre avec le singe. Le lapin est invitee dans l'arbre, mais il ne veux pas etre dans l'arbre. L'oiseau n'est pas dans l'arbre. Le singe a mange l'oiseau parce que l'oiseau a frappe le singe sur son ballons. Le poisson n'aime pas l'arbre. Et son velocipede, qui est dans l'arbre aussi, est plien d'anguilles.
It's all going on up that tree...

Needless to say my colleague is struggling with his studies. Perhaps I should stop helping him.

And so home where I found a very ill dog...

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