24 September 2013 (Tuesday) - Busy

I watched more of the Mrs Biggs mini-series over brekkie. Our heroes, if that is the right word, were making a new life for themselves in Australia. And looking out for the police at every turn. I don't know how true to life the show is, and I don't know much about the real-life Ronnie Biggs. But I can't help but wonder what I would have done in his place. One night's work robbing a train to be financially set up for life. Would I have turned it down? I don't know.

And then I checked out social media. I say "social media" - I mean Facebook. Twitter remains @a ld f ld #cbblrs. There was consternation at the news that the BBC are thinking about axing one of their longert running TV shows "The Sky at Night". At the risk of again being branded a heretic, is that such a bad thing? For me it was never a program about the sky ay night; it was the Patrick Moore show. And in more recent years it was sad to see the once great man becoming more and more frail. Now he's gone maybe the show should be allowed to go too; it's not the same without him.

I took "Furry Face TM" for a walk round the park. He liked it. Whilst out we tried more whistle training. When we are doing whistle training for its own sake he does it perfectly. I let him bimble off; I blow the whistle - he comes running. It worked every time today. Probably because he never got into the sort of pickle I needed to extract him from at a distance. When he is up to no good I blow the whistle until I am blue in the face to no avail...
I then drove down to the golf shop to get a birthday present. I went via a geocache that had gone live a day or so again. Some caches are cleverly hidden so that they blend into the surroundings. Some are cleverly hidden in the surroundings. And some are just rammed under a hedge... But there won't be many normal people to disturb that hide I suppose.
As I drove down the A2070 I was eventually overtaken by a lorry belonging to the famous lock company Chubb. Before dangerously overtaking me on a corner, the fool driving that van had been less than ten yards from my rear bumper for several miles. It never fails to amaze me that people who have their companies names and logos emblazoned all over their vehicles make no effort not to drive like complete idiots. I certainly do not intend to ever use the services of Chubb locks again.

Once home I watched more of Mrs Biggs over lunch, and spent much of the afternoon working on my latest project. I won't go into too many details about what I have been up to. Suffice it to say that after a software failure I blagged something that was originally written in either Polish or Czecheslovakian and I've translated most of it. Not all, but enough to be getting on with.
I have had one field test of project #1 around Viccie park; so far so good.

Next door came home half way through the afternoon and started clanging on their piano. They must have been clanging on that piano on a daily basis for nearly ten years. They still sound just as bad as the sad day when that piano first arrived. I'd like to think that if I had made so little progress after so much practice I would cut my losses and give up. As they clanged their piano I did this week's on-line dinsaur lectures and scored 100% in this week's test. I felt rather smug about that.

Baing Tuesday the clans gathered; this time chez nous. It's always good to meet up and bandy insults. And Merlin (or "Melon" as he is known) is always entertaining...

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