25 September 2013 (Wednesday) - Grease Is The Word

Over a spot of brekkie I checked my e-messages. there was one to all the members of the astro club committee asking about our availability on Saturday for an event which runs from 10am to 5pm. I wonder what event that might be. I'm sure I've been told about it (whatever it might be) but have absolutely no idea what it is.
Something else about which I have no idea is a message I received from the astro club via Twitter. My phone told me that the astro club had Twitted at me, but apart from a lot of @ and # I couldn't actually see any message. I wonder what that was all about.

Yesterday I was rather cryptic about a project upon which I had embarked. I had a second field trial of that project today, and after one or two minor tweaks I have launched the thing onto an unsuspecting public. There are several types of geocache; the most obscure is the Wherigo cache. With only a dozen within fifty miles of home, I have created one. It's rather (very) basic, but it is intended to be one which is aimed at beginner level. Once my programming skills have advanced a bit more I might just embark on one which is a little more ambitious.
Bearing in mind that this one was built in a day and the one I did at the weekend took months to compile, I'm quite pleased with what I've done. It remains to see what the punters make of it.
I expect some will love it and some will hate it. Much like the public's reaction to everything, really. So far only one person has downloaded the Wherigo cartridge, and she is still yet to actually try the thing out.

I played Candy Crush Saga for an hour or so until er indoors TM" came home from work earlier than usual. We put on our posh frocks and set off to Maidstone. Ten of us met up in the Muggleton Arms. I couldn't beleive the prices - A plate of steak and kidney pudding with chips and a pint of decent ale was less than a fiver. A pint of Adnam's Explorer (good stuff) was only £1.83.
We then brought on the birthday cake (complete with candles) for the birthday "(My) Boy TM", and after singing a rousing chirus of "Happy Birthday to You" we went round to the Hazlett Theatre where the youth theatre were presenting "Grease Is The Word". This is at least the fifth production of theirs that I have seen, and like all the others it was really good. Lacey knew the words to all the songs, and there's not many seven year olds that can say that...

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  1. She hasn't tried it because she is still off work with the lurgy :P