17 September 2013 (Tuesday) - It Rained

I had a vague plan to lie in this morning. I got up at 6am which (I suppose) is a lie-in. Our sci-fi heroes were stealing crystals in this morning's sci-fi DVD installment. Stealing crystals is an old sc-fi theme; Captain Kirk did it twenty years before Blake's gang even thought about it. And like most sc-fi crystals, stolen ones explode rather more readily than the average crystal. But even the most gratuitous explosion won't make up for the lack of a plot.

er indoors TM" set off to work so me and "Furry Face TM" scrounged a lift part of the way with her. A new cache had gone live near one of the town's four McDonalds (I love Ashford!!) so I thought we'd have a go for it. We tried. And failed. When looking suspicious in a public car park it helps to have a small dog and some poo bags, but there is a limit as to how long you can lurk by a fence. We gave up and went for another cache.
There was one we tried for last Thursday (couldn't find it) and went back to on Saturday when we found the clue. Given the clue (and a hint), today I thought I'd get the cache. The clue led us to an obvious place, but I couldn't find the cache. I logged a third DNF (Did Not Find) and went home in a sulk. Mind you the sulk didnt last long. As we walked through the park I let "Furry Face TM" off of his lead and he immediately found a new friend; a small brown poodle we'd not met before. I know we'd not met this one before because I would have remembered the rather fit bird (patent pending) accompanying said poodle with whom I exchanged pleasentries for an entertaining ten minutes.
Campared to the rather fit bird (patent pending), Orangehead and her chunky little friend rather paled into insignificance.

When I was three quarters of the way home my phone beeped. An email. The chap who had hidden the cache I'd just so spectacularly failed to find had thrown me a bone. A small hint, but enough to make me realise that when I'd been searching I had gone along having already decided what I was looking for. And having decided to look for the wrong thing I didn't look for the right thing.
That all sounds rather cryptic, doesn't it.
I'm not going to give any spoilers, but if you read the cache description do you pick up on the same line that I did? Now that I knew that my initial premise was wrong we came home and (being rather lazy) drove back and found the cache in a matter of seconds.
This has taught me a valuable lesson about my caching technique. I assume an awful lot. Just lately I've DNF'ed quite a few caches because I get the idea that I'm looking for a fake leaf, or a magnetic keyholder when actually I should be looking for something completely different.

Home again, where there was a discarded supermarket trolley in the street. I stuck it in the front garden and used the "Trolleywise" app on my phone to report it. I have now used this app to report eight loose trolleys. I don't know if any have ever been collected, but having left this one in the front garden I can keep an eye on it to see if this one gets collected. After all, every time I report a trolly it uploads the photo that I have to take of the trolley. And there is only so many megabytes I can waste on being environmentally friendly.

I then scared my dog. I found some cake in the kitchen and shouted "CAKE!!" at it. You have to shout "CAKE!!" at any cake you see. I don't know why; you just have to. That's the rules. It always has been. But today it rather scared little Fudgey. Either that or he was trying to join in by woofing at the cake. I gave him a little to calm his nerves. Perhaps I shouldn't have done bearing in mind how iffy his innards have been. But a tiny bit shouldn't hurt.

The plan was then to mow the lawn and to generally tidy up and make good in the garden. But rain stopped play. Instead I did the week's dinosaur lectures, watched more of the antics of Blake's henchmen and played Candy Crush Saga until Lisa and Earle came round to help me with the fence. I say "help me" - basically Earle did the lot in less than an hour. All that remains is for me to make a bespoke small panel to fill the remaining gap. I was so grateful for his help - when me and "My Boy TM" put up the first fence it took us all day. Someone who knows what they are doing can do a proper job in next to no time.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered; today at Somerset Road. We bandied insults, and after a little mucking about with an X-box that was sulking we watched "Merlin". Another series in which a plot is utterly unnecessary when you have serious over-acting...

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