29 September 2013 (Sunday) - Working

I slept like a log last night. A day's hard work does that for you. I got up shortly after 6am and spent a few minutes (half an hour) over brekkie doing the paperwork and admin for eight geocaches I hid in the Pluckley area a couple of weeks ago. Chris and er indoors TM" have also hidden caches in that area; together they make up a circular walk of about four hours and thirty caches.

I then had a look on Facebook. I didn't go on there at all yesterday. There were several invites to walks and outings and the like. One of them caught my notice; an invite to what ostensibly seemed to be a day's geocaching fun but when you looked closely it was actually thinly disguised religion. I wonder how many people will fall for this ruse.
I found this particularly apposite as I listened to the news on my way to work this morning. Being Sunday the morning's radio was of an ecclesiastical theme. Today the pundits were talking about "National Take a Friend to Church Day".

Apparently today is "Back to Church Sunday", and the idea is that churchgoers invite a friend to go to church with them. As a seriously lapsed sunbeam I can't pretend to be a fan of organised religion, but I have far more respect for someone who actually openly asks me to church rather than for someone who tries to trick me by asking me to pursue a hobby and then slips religion in once it is too late to get away.
If someone had asked me to "Back to Church Sunday" would I have actually gone? No. Obviously not - I was working today. Had I not been working then... I don't know. Quite probably, I expect. If only to get something to blog about.

I'd left for work a little earlier than I would normally have done what with today being day sixty of my caching streak. On Thursday evening I'd located a cache near a phone box in Canterbury. It was a bit busy in that area on Thursday evening, so I thought I might do the secret ritual with it this morning; Sunday mornings are usually quiet. I got to the location. No one was there. Neither was the geocache. In the intervening three days the thing had gone missing. I checked my geo map and found there was another one only five minutes drive away. So five minutes later I was sitting by the riverside doing the secret geo-ritual before going in to work.

As always I did my bit at work. Over a tea break I checked my emails to see if the caches I'd submitted over brekkie had gone live. They had gone live mid afternoon. When I came home they were still awaiting a First to Find. Thirty FTFs going begging in Ashford. Amazing!

I came home to find a smurf was brandishing something phallic. There are a myriad of questions that spring to mind. However I find it much easier not to ask...

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