22 September 2013 (Sunday) - Wherigo

A rather restless night. er indoors TM" snored rather excessively for several hours. When she finally gave up with that game a small dog bounded up the stairs, jumped on the bed and made himself comfortable by trying to push me off of it. I gave up trying to sleep and came downstairs. Once the washing up was done I scoffed brekkie whilst checking out the world via social media. I had another go at Twitter. I don't like it much. Over on Facebook the talk was about the latest video game - Grand Theft Auto Five. Apparently parents are now acting surprised to find that a game glorifying theft and murder isn't exactly suitable for small children. Did they really have no idea what the first four GTA games were all about?

We rallied the troops and set off to Capstone Country Park for a spot of geocaching with a difference; we did a Wherigo cache. It was one of the best caches that I have ever done. We dowloaded the Wherigo software to our phones and through the wonders of GPS technology once we were in the right place the software started. Our first task was to firstly walk round the lake to find virtual coins, and having found them go back to the start for further instructions. And so we progressed. The software would tell us places to go and would either navigate us there or let us find our own way. And once at the designated locations we would have tasks to perform; puzzles to solve, questions to answer. Eventually after a few hours effort (and several miles hiked) we had enough information together to allow us to actually find the hidden geocache.
A Wherigo cache isn't for those people who like counting the numbers; this one cache took over four hours to find. But it's not about the numbers. It took us all over Capstone park; to places I've never been before. And it was fun. I can't recommend it highly enough.
As is always the case the more effort someone puts into creating a geocache experience, the fewer people actually do that cache. No one had done this particular cache since May. A great shame. For myself I would like to find more Wherigos. I understand there are a few in the south east.

Whilst we were out we saw a familiar face - the chap who had designed and set this Wherigo had come along to see how we were getting on. It was good to meet up with Martin. And he was fair - he didn't give away anything as we went round
We also met up with friends who were flying kites at the kite day. It was a shame there was hardly any wind. Kite flying can be a rather rubbish hobby; the wind is very rarely suitable for kites.

And so home via one or two caches on the way. Once home after we'd scoffed tea er indoors TM" set off bowling. I settled down in front of the telly for a "Jeeves and Wooster-a-thon"...

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