4 September 2013 (Wednesday) - Rather Busy

In a novel break with tradition I slept through to 7.40am this morning. Absolutely unheard of. I had a quick spot of brekkie, and on hearing that “Daddy’s Little Angel TMwas not visiting today I popped the lead onto Fudge and we set off on today’s Fudgey Adventure.

Regular readers of this drivel may recall that six months ago I hid a series of geocaches on the footpaths between Sevington and Mersham. They act as waypoints on a guided walk through some rather scenic countryside. I put them out hoping that other people might enjoy the walk. To date they have been visited by over sixty different people. And seeing that it is six months since they went out, and bearing in mind I had a report that one of them had a full log, I thought I’d do cache maintenance today. That entailed visiting each cache, checking it was still there, changing the paper log, and making sure the hide was good. When I hid the caches last March there was thick snow on the ground. Today was glorious sunshine. But the series did for me that which I intended it to do for others. It marked out a very good walk. Me and my dog had a couple of hours out in the sunshine. Fiddling about with plastic boxes was just an extra.

 On the way home I popped off to find a cache for the day. Having found one every day in August I have this plan to see how long a “finding streak” I can manage. So far I have found a cache every day for the last thirty five days. And having got home I checked my emails only to find that I’d been within yards of a newly released geocache whilst I was out.
I zoomed back out and again failed spectacularly in my effort to be First to Find.

And so home again where I got the washing onto the line to dry. ‘er indoors TM  arrived, and left. She had the afternoon off work to visit family for a barbecue. I would like to have gone along, but I had chores to do at home. Or I would have once assistance arrived. While I waited for assistance to arrive I ironed shirts and made a start on my latest on-line course.

I had enrolled in a course on Mathematical Philosophy which started a few weeks ago. I un-enrolled form that course last week. It was dull. Dull in the extreme. There was a very earnest German gentleman who was taking great trouble to prove the blatantly obvious. I really couldn’t stay awake though any of the lectures. And all of the lectures seemed the same – going into extreme detail in set theory to prove that which any reasonable person could see was self-evident. Perhaps it wasn’t self-evident. Perhaps my degree in maths isn’t as buried at the back of my mind as I thought it was. In any case I studied maths at degree level for five years. I’ve done that. With Coursera I want to learn new things.
Today I started Dino 101  an introduction not just to dinosaurs, but to paleontology, biology and geology. Well, at the risk of sounding egocentric I’m no stranger to biology, but the rest is relatively new to me. So far the lectures have kept me awake.

“My Boy TMarrived, and so I was able to get on with chores for which I needed help. First of all we got the top box off of my car for the winter. And then we looked at the back fence. It has developed a hole through which Furry Face TM escapes and terrorises the natives. We bodged a fix temporarily, but it is only a bodge, and a temporary one at that. Especially loyal readers of this drivel may recall me building that fence. Anyone else might like to call up the report on the day by clicking here and calling up October 2006. That’s where today’s photo comoes from.

I built that fence on Sunday October 8 2006, the day after I (allegedly) downed twenty one pints of London Pride.
It’s lasted seven years. I would have liked longer. But it needs repair. Or replacement. If any of my loyal readers have any fence panels they don’t want, or can get jiggy with a shovel I’m looking at doing the fixing a week this coming Sunday. Feel free to join in
The provisional plan is:
  • 1 - remove all the shingle near the fence
  • 2 - pull back the membranes
  • 3 - dig out *loads* of soil
  • 4 - check out the status of the existing posts
  • 5 - put in new fence panels
  • 6 - re-landsape accordingly
It will be hard work so if anyone wants to help, or better still do the hard work for me, please feel free to join in. We might just have a barby afterwards.

And with ‘er indoors TM still out I felt peckish so I foraged for tea. In the diection of the KFC. The “Mega Bucket for One” looked interesting…

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