11 September 2013 (Wednesday) - Stuff

I came home last night to find the contents of the bin strewn across the living room, and also to find a very sheepish looking dog. Perhaps rooting in the bin last week is what made him ill. He's not been in bins before. We shall have to watch that.

I had a better night's sleep; I woke at 5am, and then decided against Blakes's Seven this morning; preferring to doze instead. I got up shortly before 7am to find a certain dog had spent the night on the sofa again. I had brekkie; or most of brekkie. Now that "Furry Face TM" is eating again he gets the crusts from my toast. He probably shouldn't, but it's good to see him eating something.
On checking emails I saw a geocache had gone live overnight. Not only gone live but had already been found. There are those in the geo-community who wouldn't bother looking for such a cache; for them the FTF is everything. For myself, an FTF is nice, but having someone else find the cache first means that I can be reasonably sure that the cache is actually there, and that the listed co-ords are good. So I left for work a little earlier than I might normally have done, and went to work via a minor diversion into Westwell where (after quite a serious bit of searching) I found the cache. Day forty-two on my caching streak sorted (!)

I then made my way to work. Slowly. As I drove through Challock I was amazed at how empty the village green appeared. Was it only four days since the place was alive with the goose fair? There was barely the slightest trace of it this morning.
I stopped off in the Canterbury branch of Staples to have a look-see. They had some interesting Android tablets. If they had one with wi-fi/internet and GPS I might have a use for it. Not right now though; I'm too skint. But it never hurts to see what is available. I looked hopefully, but none of the assistants wanted to come and assist. Oh well, that will be their loss. If and when I get one I shall take my money elsewhere. And that will be money; not extended credit. I looked at their credit agreements. They were advertising a laptop for sale at just under four hundred quid - available on easy terms; but when you finished paying those easy terms you would find that you'd stumped up over six hundred quid.

I then went into the Cheapo-Bargains shop. They were advertising singing model garden birds for sale. Two pounds each a few weeks ago; today they were reduced in price to fifty pence each. But they didn't actually have any. I refrained from asking what else didn't they have at rock bottom prices, and came to work.

At work I had a shock. Mon camarade me dit comme il est un ami d'oiseau est il pense que le singe est un batard. Moi - j'adore le singe. Je le dit que l'oiseau est un tres grand batard avec le sucre au-dessus. Mon camarade etait confusee parce qu' il ne comprendre pas "tres grand batard avec le sucre au-dessus".
Il a dit il y a un fete dans l'arbre ou le singe et l'oseau est amis. Aussi il y a un giraffe dans l'arbre maintenant. Qu' est-ce qu'il fait? Est ce qu' il est ami d'oiseau? Est-il un batard aussi?
Et l'oiseau... J'ai pense que le singe est mange l'oiseau le semaine derniere. Est ce qu' un autre oiseau ?

It has been suggested that I am confusing my French-learning colleague deliberately..

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