18 September 2013 (Wednesday) - Stuff

I didn't wake until 4am this morning; I was relatively pleased about that; but I was still watching Blakes Seven on DVD by 5am. In the past few days and weeks I've been rather disparaging about this show. Today's episode scaled the heights of implausibility. I have always said that sci-fi shows by their very nature need a good plot and good characterisations so that your attention isn't occupied by the scientific impossibilities that are inherent in sci-fi. Today's episode was utter drivel. I've just watched had four seasons of a show in which the main protagonists are basically the good guys; if not heroes.
Today saw them robbing a gold repository for pure financial gain, and brutally gunning down anyone who got in their way. Completely at odds with what had gone before.

Yesterday I mentioned that I couldn't find a geocache which had been hidden near McDonalds. This morning I went back for it rather earlier than I had yesterday, and after a little rummaging I found the thing. There wasn't anyone about in the car park at 6.30am. Strange, that (!)
I am now on day forty nine of a streak of finding caches, and am seriously looking at the streak's end. I might just make it to the weekend. There are very few caches left within convenient striking distance of home or work. It is dark when I leave work in the evening, and it was only just getting light when I found this morning's cache. Rummaging in the darkness is a sure way to look suspicious.

As I drove to work I listened to the news. Two days ago I lambasted the Drippling Democraps for their shameless attempts to cling to power in continual coalitions. Today their leader publically told his party's conference (and by implication the entire world) that in any future general elections having one party being able to form a majority government would be a disaster.
It would certainly be a disaster for the Dribbling Democraps.
Don't get me wrong; in theory coalition government could be a good thing for our country. Over the long term it could curb the excesses of either of the two main political parties who have dominated the political scene for years. However what we have at the moment is two large parties which may or may not be able to form a majority government, and one relatively large minority party which knows full well that given a minority government is elected, it has the ability to offer that government a majority.
And this minority party is openly prepared to jump into alliance with absolutely anyone who offers it power.

And talking of political power, apparently there is exactly one year to go until the Scots get to vote for independence. The pundits were saying that that the current feeling of theScottish electorate is that they will want to remain part of the union. And rightly so. As a tiny nation akin to Luxembourg or Bulgaria they will struggle. Surely the way forward is is international union, not in going our own sweet ways. I've ranted about this before.

Once at work I was gived the responsibility of supervising a young lady who was doing work experience. I intoduced her to my colleague who is learning bad French. My young lady told me she didn't know much French, so I remedied that deficiency in her education. She seemed to be suitaby impressed.
Aussi je decovere il y a un matelot jolie dans l'arbre. Il est tres grand ami d'oiseau. Le singe n'avais pas un ami qui est jolie. Est ce que l'oiseau jolie? Entre-temps le matelot est attempte a manger le singe.
There would seem to be a hungry bunch of characters up that tree.

Having done my bit I came home. Yesterday I mentioned that I'd put a discarded supermarket trolley in the front garden and reported it with my Trolleywise app to see if it would get collected. It's still there...

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