20 September 2013 (Friday) - Busy, Busy...

An odd night. I woke about 2.30am and lay awake until ubout the sort of time I would usually get up (shortly before 5am) when I nodded off and slept right through till 7am. I got up and had my morning's fix of Blake's Seven. I then had a look on the Internet. I see the astro club is twitting. You can follow the astro club on Twitter, you know. Though (in all honesty) I can't see the attraction myself. Being limited in what you can write means that tweeters either have to be particularly concise in what they tweet, or that they dribble tweets all day long. Also in order to get round the limitations of characters there are so many @ and #. I can't work out what most of the tweets are about. For example I received this tweet the other day: "@manky_badger ­čśĆ RT @elakdawalla: MT @SungrazerComets: Starting to see lots of really nice images (cont) http://tl.gd/mm9c84" . I have absolutely no idea what it means. Simularly the committee have received another tweet. Everyone else is rather excited about it. I expect I would be too; if only I knew what it was about.

I then took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. With no new geocaches having gone live overnight I thought I'd clear one off my list which had been there for a while. I won't go into details about the cache in question; suffice it to say that it needs a little bit of effort, and the requisite apparatus. Being tackled up with the appropriate implement I eventually found my quarry, and so have now logged a find every day for fifty-one days. At the moment I think my caching streak will stop next Tuesday unless any other caches go live locally.
When I started this run of caches I never thought I'd complete the month of August, let alone get this far. Mind you what I have done is nothing compared to a chap in California who has logged finds every day since July 2003 until giving up last week - that's 3712 days.
With cache found we came home via the park in a shallow attempt to sniff round the fit bird with the brown poodle, but she was nowhere to be seen. Instead I ended up exchanging pleasentries with Orangehead's chunky little friend.

Once home I got the lawn mowed. I tried out my new strimmer too. It's not brilliant, but not bad for twelve quid. Bearing in mind the replacement strimmer line is over five quid, that's rather cheap. I then tidied up around the new fence. I would have built in a gate, but I'm not exactly sure what the holes Earle has drilled are for. I shall have to ask. I would also have put back all the gravel but because the new fence is further back than the old one the membrane doesn't quite reach.

I then tidied the garden and took rubbish to the tip. The tip is different; it's been re-built. I struggled to get rid of my rubbish because of all the normal people who were marvelling at the place. I got chatting with the people working there. They told me they have quite a problem with sight-seers; people who come just to marvel at the new tip and just get in the way of people like me trying to unload rubbish. Apparently they have people demanding that their children be shown behind the scenes, and these people get quite shirty when they are told to clear off.
I came back to the tip with another car load of rubbish, then got the hoover out and gave my car a much needed valeting.

By now my back was beginning to ache, so I had a cuppa, and then decided to look at cutting back the overgrowth pouring over the fence from next door. It was then that I realised that I still had all the old fencing that I hadn't taken to the tip. I didn't fancy a third trip. I shall do that all next week. And then all enthusiasm for gardening waned. And it the afternoon was mostly gone. Having mowed the lawn earlier I thought I'd give myself a haircut. Some eighteen years (or so) ago a chap I'd just met introduced me to his newsagent. And the rest is history.... but that newsagent sold me a set of clippers for a tenner. I got my money's worth out of those clippers. I've not been back to the barbers in all that time. Once a month I voom those clippers over my head. Can't be bad.

er indoors TM" eventually came home and we had a rather decent curry and a bottle of that plonk I brought home yesterday. It's not the best wine I've ever tasted, but at £2.50 a bottle it certainly isn't the worst.

That trolley is still in my front garden...

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