10 September 2013 (Tuesday) - Broken

I woke at 3.02am this morning, and lay in bed wide awake for some time. I eventually gave up trying to sleep and got up at 4.50am. My little dog was still fast asleep as I did the washing up. I checked my lap top. Nothing had changed since last night. When I booted up I got the option to put in my password. I did that - correctly (!) - and it told me that it couldn't proceed. I had been given one or two pointers which I thought I might try out when I had a minute. But they all looked rather technical. So I had this rather better idea to smile pathetically in the direction of people who know about computers...

Over brekkie I watched some telly. Blake's cronies have found a friend; there are now five of them. They've also found an old enemy. Today they were helping various people blow up assorted swamps for no reason that I could work out. I watched their antics with a small dog curled up on my lap; spending much of the time squeezing his tummy in an experimental sort of way. That belly was rock hard last week; it seems to have gone back to normal now. Mind you, Fudge himself seems to be somewhat soppier than ever he was. I expect he's still convalescent, or he knows that he can get away with it with me.

I set off to work ten minutes earlier than I might have done. Having found a geocache every day for the last forty days I thought I might just get one more day on to this streak as I knew of a cache in Little Burton Farm I might try for. I was within twenty yards of that cache when my phone pinged that a new cache had gone live only a few hundred yards away. I abandoned the cache I was after (it will keep till tomorrow) and ran off on the chance of a First to Find. Having failed miserably to FTF twice last week I was rather smug this morning to get an FTF. Today's cache was... I won't spoil the surprise. I'll just say that it was rather out of the ordinary and I was amazed that I found it in less than a minute. In fact I was rather amazed that I found it at all. But I did. I was FTF at 6.46am; sixteen minutes after it was published. FTFs go quickly in Ashford... usually. Interestingly another cache went live in Ashford today. Five minutes before the one I found; a mile and a half from it. That one didn't get found so quickly. That one took twelve hours to be found for the first time. It's on my to-do list for Thursday; providing nothing else crops up in the meantime.

And then on to work . As I drove the radio spouted its usual tirade of drivel. Amongst this morning's snippets was something of interest. A recent survey of opinions of people in the UK has shown that as a nation we are becoming more tolerant of other people being different in a variety of ways, be it attitudes towards homosexuals, children born out of marriage, racial relations. And the Royals are more popular than they have been for some time.
Interestingly it turns out that as a nation we are more tolerant, but as individuals we aren't. The pundits on the radio were saying that it is the upcoming generation that is more accepting; the older generation is still stuck in its ways. Apparently the survey showed that most people seem to keep their opinions unchanged on a range of subjects for years.
Again I would seem to be in the minority; anyone reading this blog will know I change my opinions on all manner of subjects with annoying regularity.

Once at work I discovered that il y a un elephant qui veux manger le singe qui habite dans l'arbre. (Le pauvre singe). Heureusement le singe est tres vite et l'arbre n'est pas tres dur et l'elephant ne peut pas grimper à l'arbre. "Hurrah!" dit le singe et tous son amis. Les amis du oiseau morte ne dit pas "Hurrah!". Ils veux assister l'elephant pour manger le singe. Mais nous n' aimons pas les amis du oiseau parce qu' ils sont tous batards comme etait l'oiseau.
Or so I am reliably informed.

As well as finding out the latest developments in the tree I did my bit at work, and came home via Morrisons because they have the cheapest petrol for miles around. Despite having spent a small fortune on car and dog repairs and despite the possibility of having to shell out for a new laptop, I found enough cash for a bar of choccy whilst getting petrol. Petrol comes off of a different budget...

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