8 September 2013 (Sunday) - Challock Goose Fair

Our little dog spent the night downstairs where he should be last night. That was a good sign. He looked at me hopefully as I ate my toast, and I let him have a crust. Only the one. He slept on my lap as I watched Blake's Seven. I'm now on to the fourth season; the foxy bird with the haircut has croaked, and today our heroes have managed to steal someone else's space base. A space base is a useful thing to have, especially when your own has gone west.

Whilst I watched TV my little dog lay on my lap and farted a lot. He can be smelly, but this morning's were particularly pungent. I'm hoping this is all part of his innards getting back to normal. He took his medicines, but didn't seem keen on his breakfast. So I tricked him. I put his breakfast on my plate, put it in front of me and carried on watching telly. After a minute or so as a treat I offered him a little of it,and he yummed it up. Over the course of twenty minutes he ate the lot; being offered a morsel at a time.

Steve and Sarah arrived, and I went with them to Challlock. The astro club was running a stall at the goose fair. Or so we had arranged. We turned up to find they had no record of us at all. After a lot of fiddling about it turned out that they had us down as being "The A.A.", and our contact person was Geoffrey (!) Apparently we were "like the owls".
Eventually we found the area they'd set aside for us, and after a few minutes we were all set up and having coffee and doughnuts. There was a dodgy five minutes in which Steve lost his custard, but we were soon "all systems go" and dealing with the public. I was expecting some problems from the hippies in tthe stall opposite; they had some wierd angel costume made from a pair of seagull wings. But they kept themselves to themselves

We had dozens of peoople looking through our telescopes. The solar scope was especially popular; it was a shame there was so much cloud. It was an even greater shame that it rained several times. But we had a good time. I raided the stall of the Giggling Pig Company several times for their freebie samples, and had more than a few hand-outs from Rosie's chutneys. I took some photos of the event as well.

i met a couple of old friends from years ago at the event, and got some gossip. A mutual friend is apparently preparing to do a flit. A week on Thursday her and her entire family are decamping to Wiltshire (permanently!). And following much discontent all of the Beaver leaders from my old socut group have resigned and are decamping to another local scout group.
I have always said that there is never anything as interesting as someone else's life.

Home to an empty house. er indoors TM" had taken "Furry Face TM" for a walk. So being on my own I did a quick cache before they came home. And once home I learned something about my dog. He's clever. He had been out with er indoors TM" all day and had mostly been OK. On seeing me his behaviour reverted to being very sorry for himself and subdued. He was seriously attention-seeking. He doesn't do it for er indoors TM" because she don't put up wiith it.. He does it with me because he knows I'm a soft touch. With er indoors TM" off bowling I settled down for an evening of "Jeeves and Wooster" on UK Gold with a small dog asleep on my lap. Farting like a fruit bat...

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