27 September 2013 (Friday) - In Outer Space

I slept through till after 7am this morning, and after a spot of brekkie "Daddies Little Angel TM" arrived with Sid and we went for a walk. Down through South Ashford to the Environment Centre and back home via Singleton Lake and the park. The walk was mostly uneventful, and we only had one "dog episode" when we encountered some mad woman being dragged about by a death-hound. This death-hound was on a lead, but was clearly out of control; the woman with it was shrieking hysterically at anyone who came close that hey should get away from her death-hound. For some inexplicable reason she took offence when I suggested the snarling slavering animal should be muzzled.

Once home I mowed the lawn and then got out the hedge trimmer and cut back all the overgrowth from next door's hedgerows. A few years ago I had a good garden. Now it is just a mess mainly because of all the stuff flowing over the hedge. Maybe clipping one or two clematis roots might solve some problems there.
I checked my emails. The Wherigo cache I hid has been found. It took two days to be found. Two days - that's unheard of round here.

I then saw red. having fallen over clutter in the living room for the umpteenth time i put a pile of tape cassettes into the bin, then got a black sack and just filled it with the rubbish that litters my world. Other peope live tidily. Why can't I?
And whilst I was seeing red my poor little dog got shouted at. He will not stop throwing himself at the fence and barking at next door's dogs. I finally had enough of this behaviour, and I bellowed at him for five minutes. He got the message.

And then on to astro club. I went via Appledore where I picked up the day's cache. Astro club was excellent this evening. We had a huge turn-out and really good talks. An update on things current in outer space, and then a review of sci-fi and how plausible inter-stellar travel really would be. Entertaining, educational and thought provoking.
The raffle went well, and we sold cakes in aid of MacMillan cancer research and made over sixty quid for them.
The membership have taken our vision of builing a space centre to heart. Tonight we were presented with some preliminary design work and also a really good telecope and mount to auction to raise funds for the project. We'll have that thing built yet...

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