2 September 2013 (Monday) - Dull

I am on the point of giving up watching Blakes Seven. The first two series were entertaining, but it's now getting rather silly. Take this morning's episode. Our heroes were on the way to a fight (for no apparent reason) when the fit dominatrix tried to kill off a planetful of people and then got the survivors to make clones of her. Why? In the end the goodies thwarted the evil machinations of the baddies, which is all that seemed to be needed in the way of a plot.

This morning's news on the radio was revolutionary. Rather than teaching the kiddies namby-pamby arty-farty nonsense at schools, it's now going to be compulsory for children to have a basic grasp of English and Maths on leaving school. Apparently compulsory schooling in these subjects is seen as being somewhat radical, but I would have thought that being able to read, write and count was a pre-requisite for most things these days.

I got to work a few minutes early only to find that a new geocache had gone live near work. That never happens, so I slipped out in a shallow attempt to be First to Find. I failed miserably. Mind you shortly after I tried two other people failed to find it as well. It's either incredibly difficult (which isn't indicated by the D/T rating) or the C.O. has made a hiccup with the co-ordinates. I wonder which it is.

I did my bit at work, and left just a little too late for the astro club's committee meeting. A shame - I would like to have got along to that. Instead I had another try for that geocache near work (and failed again), then came home where I microwaved my scoff and fell asleep in front of more rather dire episodes of Blake's Seven with a small dog snoring on my lap.

The last few days have been really good. Today was a bit dull in comparison.

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