16 September 2013 (Monday) - Bosoms, Sheep and Opportunism

Having woken before 3am and lain awake for a couple of hours I was up and watching the antics of Blake's Seven (well, five) at 5am. This morning they had rescued the woman from the gravy adverts of twenty years ago. I'm not quite sure what they had rescued her from, or what her role in the plot was, but having her waggling an epic bosom at the camera from time to time livened up an otherwise dull episode.
For any of my loyal readers who may be shocked at such unbecoming an action from the gravy advert lady, I can vaguely remember her doing much more graphic things with her "charms" in one of the "Confessions" films from the 1970s in which she was running round in the nip. Not that I am any expert on the waggling of epic bosoms.

I then had a look down the garden. The temporary fence we bodged into place had survived the night and was still standing. I suppose that is good; when we first put the temporary bodge in place yesterday it lasted for half an hour before collapsing. It's got to last until tomorrow; hopefully I shall be in a position to sort it properly then.

I set off to work. For today's geocache I tried one I couldn't find last time. Two weeks ago I tried to be First to Find, and despite several visits I couldn't find the thing. Today I found the cache immediately. How did I ever miss that?
As I arrived at the cache site there was a sheep loose in the road. By the time I'd parked up the sheep had wandered off, which was a shame. That would have made a good photo for the day.

As I drove I listened to the news. Today's news was being broadcast from the annual convention of the Dribbling Democrap party. And my piss boiled as I listened to them. Since abandoning any principles they may have had in a shallow attempt to be given political power at the last election, their popularity has dwindled. They have lost a massive part of the electorate's confidence and have also lost a third of their paid-up membership. The delegates being interviewed this morning made no secret of their current policies; namely to rubbish the two main political parties. This would leave neither of them capable of ever again being in a position to form a majority government. Therefore leaving Dribbling Democraps in perpetual power in various coalition governments with the political partners of their choice.
I might not like what the Con-Servatives stand for, or Labour come to that (!) but at least they both have the courage to have policies on which they will be judged. The Dribbling Democraps are rather making a mockery of the entire so-called democratic system. Given a hung parliament, the leader of a minority party will get to decide with whom he want to chum up, and consequently who governs the nation.

Once at work I did my bit, and then came home. I popped into Morrisons on the way back for petrol. And sweeties. As I drove home the pundits on the radio were discussing what was wrong with the National Health Service. As always they spouted fine-sounding platitudes whilst skirting round the core problem the NHS faces. Which is... let me use an analogy. Imagine giving your credit card and PIN to me, pointing me in the direction of the pub, patting me on the head, then when the credit card bill comes in pretending to be surprised at where all the money has gone.
Free healthcare for all is expensive, The NHS needs to either decide or be told what it can treat and what it cannot. And (for all that it sounds heartless) it needs to have a list of things it will not treat. I won't go into specific examples; I've done that before. We can all think of services which the NHS should not be offering.
And it needs less change. Not more. There has been too many shake-ups in the NHS over the course of its history; very few for anything than other than to pander to the current political fashion.
But knocking the NHS is always a good way to make content for news and current affairs radio programs...

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