28 September 2013 (Saturday) - Early Doors

A restless night. I had a little grin when I heard my dog creeping up the stairs at 4am. He knows he shouldn't come upstairs so he tries to be stealthy, but there are some creaking floorboards which always give him away. He leapt onto the bottom of the bed, made himself comfortable and went to sleep. I really should have taken him back to his bed downstairs, but he wasn't hurting anyone by being there.
Over brekkie I watched an episode of a new program. Well, new to me. "Early Doors"

is from the people who wrote another favourite show of mine (The Royle Family). I hadn't seen it before. Featuring the mundane lives of some average people in a mundane pub it was absolutely brilliant. I couldn't believe that the program is ten years old. Why have I not seen this before? What other gems have I missed?

With a few minutes spare I had a look at the astro club's accounts. Before last night's meeting all the cash was accounted for. Last night we took money in the form of membership renewals and people joining. We took money from the raffle, and we spent money on the ingredients of refreshments. So why was it that when I counted up the cash we were nineteen quid adrift?
I shall have to have another look at that when I get a minute.

And so to work. There was a minor disaster as my car refused to start. I pressed the button to make things happen and all that actually happened was a clicking sound. A message came up saying to turn the steering wheel. I did and tried to start the car again, but to no avail. So I got out, closed the door, locked it, then unlocked it and tried again. This time all was fine. I wonder what that was all about. I do hope my car's not planning to start playing up. That would be all that I needed bearing in mind that the vet insurance has stumped up a lot less than I was hoping that they would after "Furry Face TM"'s recent hospitalisation.

Two days ago I tried to find a geocache on my way to work. In fact on Thursday morning I tried to find three, and didn't find any. This morning I had another look along Cheeseman's Green to see if I could find one of the ones I missed. I found it almost straight away. It's amazing the difference that being able to see what you are doing makes.

My piss boiled when I heard the morning's news. A member of the European Parliament has apparently made the announcement that "no “sane” person from a professional background would enter politics now because they face being vilified for holding convictions". Holding convictions!!! This chap obviously hasn't seen the dribbling partner of our current coalition government who would say that black was white to gain political office. I might not like the predominant party of the government, but at least they have policies and stick to them.

Once at work I did my bit. The day was busy, and for me it was rather uncomfortable. The elastic had gone in my undercrackers. Having my "junk" slopping here there and thither wasn't conducive to comfort, and I was glad when home time came.
Those pants are now in the bin, More expense..

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