7 September 2013 (Saturday) - On The Mend ?

Another night spent listening out for sounds from the dog. I heard him chewing his cannula at 5am and I stopped that for him. I took him outside, and he tiddled; which was a good thing. I then laid him on the sofa, and he watched me watching Blake's Seven. Today's episode was an improvement on what has gone before. There is still no sign of Blake, and his five would seem to have blown up his space ship. We both had brekkie. I always scoff mine. I was so pleased to see Fudge scoff his up right away.

9am soon came; and we were on the vet's doorstep. We went straight in, and the vet was pleased with his overnight progress. Whatever was bothering his belly hopefully seems to be in abeyance. The pup was still shivering, but that was probably related to his medications. They took the cannula out of his paw, and gave him some more distalgesic which probably accounted for his being spaced out for much of the day. But not too spaced out to look hopefully in the direction of other people's toast.

The plan for the day had been a serious walk around the Sussex countryside, but the vet had advised against anything too strenuous. we will definatelly do that wallk another time. Instead we sat at home for a bit.
After an hour or so Fudge became very fractious; and was whimpering. I was all set to take him back to the vet, but er indoors TM" suggested that he was on the mend and was going stir-crazy. So we rallied some troopps and went geocaching on the Romney Marsh. We did half a dozen caches; mostly as drive-bys. None really needed much walking to be done, but getting out and about was enough for the little dog. As we drove about and walked about he visibly perked up.
From a cachers point of view, if ever you are on the Romney Marsh look out for any cache annywhere near a footbridge. They are usually something special.

er indoors TM" spent a little time looking at renewing car insurance. She's good at that. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing she saved nearly three hundred quid on the insurance on my car. I was quite pleased about that. It's effectively found half of the money I've spent on vets bills over the last two days.

I could have gone with er indoors TM" to the Saturday film show tonight. It would have been good to have seen a Star Trek double bill. But there was no way I would leave my poorly dog thiis evening. So I sat with him and watched some of the stuff I'd recorded onto the SkyPlus box. Some of what I'd recorded was quite good. And I watched the film "Alien Nation" for the first time. I say "watched" - I turned it off half way through. It was dreadful...

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