21 January 2015 (Wednesday) - FTF, Snow

A rather good night's kip was marred only by laying half-awake for over an hour in excuciating agony because I didn't want to get up for a tiddle. If I get up and tiddle, with the wonders of CPAP technology I can be asleep again in less than five minutes. But I don't. I lay there in serious pain because I don't want to actually get up. Which is silly.

I finally got up shortly after 7am and spent a few minutes checking out the e-world. Not much had happened overnight really. As I scoffed I had an email. A new geocache had gone live only a mile away. I *could* have jumped in the car and sped off chasing the FTF, but from the map it looked like the cache was not too far from the route of our morning walk. So I got dressed, put the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and we went for our walk. We got to where the cache was, and after quite a bit of searching I discovered that I was the first one to find it after all. Happy dance.

We walked on to Singleton Lake, and as we walked so the snow started. It only lasted for a few minutes, but it was quite heavy and rather scenic.
As we walked we met several other dogs; all of which were wearing coats. "Furry Face TM" seemed to be the only dog in town without a coat. I wish he'd wear one. We came through the park where I again saw the white heron, and as I watched it flying about, so my dog stole another dog's ball and ran off with it. I wish he wouldn't. Thankfully the dog wasn't one of OrangeHead's pack so I was grateful for small mercies. As luck would have it we met up with OrangeHead as we walked along Christchurch Road. When she's not surrounded by lackeys, synchophants and assorted hangers-on she's actually quite civil, as she was this morning.

Once home I washed the dirt from my dog's belly and spent a few minutes looking for the charger for my telecope's power pack. I've a vague idea to suggest a few observing sessions over the next few weeks, but need the power pack charged first. I can't find it; this will be the second one that I've lost. If it's not here by the weekend I'll go to Maplins to buy a third.
I found out too late that there is a huge toy fair going on in London this week; I suppose I could have popped up yesterday if I had known. Or possibly swapped shifts about. Still, such is life. Sparks were playing in the UK only a couple of months ago. It's rather frustrating to find out about these things after the event.

I watched a DVD, had an early lunch and spent much of the rest of the day in bed. I'm off to the night shift now...

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