27 Aprill 2014 (Sunday) - Farningham and Eynesford

The rules for yesterday's pub crawl was that moustaches were compulsory. Having grown a full set of chops for the event, there's no denying that I was glad to scrape it off this morning. There are those who sport beards and moustaches. I generally don't; I can't say that I like having it. Shaving every day can be a bit of a chore, but personally I'd rather that than have the beard.

I did feel a little less than one hundred per cent this morning, but a few cups of coffee sorted me out. I checked the weather forecast and saw that the day was going to be overcast and showery. We decided to go on with the planned walk, and dressed accordingly. In the end we were right to have done so; there was no rain until we were driving home. The day was lovely.

Having collected Gordon Tracy we drove up to Farningham, parked up, put on waterproofs and set off on our walk. Initially we were on a rather busy main road, but not for long. We were soon in full countryside, speaking with a rather tame sheep who came up to us to be petted. This sheep was very friendly, and wasn't at all bothered by the dogs. Mind you Suzy is well behaved, annd since his experience with the electric fence a couple of weeks ago "Furry Face TM" is rather cautious around sheep.
We saw a couple of alpacas in with the sheep, we saw some sort of large flightless bird in with the goats; I think it was a rhea, but it might have been an ostrich. And over a spot of lunch I saw something black and very low to the ground in the next field which (just possibly) might have been one of those panthers or pumas that your hear about.
As we went along we found all of the caches we were after; including two puzzle ones we'd all solved in the week. I had to supply the vital co-ordinates to the rest of the party though. Apparently everyone else had worked out the puzzles using pencil and paper, and the dogs had eaten their homework (!)

Billed as a three mile walk, our independent sat-nav technologies recorded the distance as being five miles. Geo-walks are always longer than the description claims; not that this is a bad thing.
With the walk done we still had an hour or so spare, so we drove into Eynesford where we collected another puzzle cache that we'd all solved iin the week; even if the dogs had again eaten everyone else's homework. In the village we met some fellow cachers who told us that a certain cache was missing, and advised us not to bother looking for it. I saw that as something of a challenge, and sure enough after a short search we had the elusive film pot in our hands.
By 3.30pm we could feel spots of rain, so having exhausted the area of unfound sandwich boxes we came home. As we got closer to home we could see there had been very heavy rain at home today. We'd been rather lucky with the weather.
And as always there are photos of the day on-line. the geocache series we did today was called "Kent Views", and as you can see there were some wonderful views to be enjoyed.

Once home we had a rather good bit of egg and chips for tea, and as "er indoors TM" set off for the Sunday bowling I mucked about on-line. I was rather frustrated to find that during the week I'd solved a dozen geo-puzzles and that today we'd not been that far away from them. Oh well, we were planning to go back to the area anyway...

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