24 April 20144 (Thursday) - Big Pants

I had a particularly vivid dream last night in which my long-dead grandfather had become best of chums with my daughter. He particularly liked having a great-granddaughter. I've never before realised just how simular in temperament the two are (were?)

Despite a good night's sleep (for me) I was up and watching telly by 6am. This week's installemt of The Tomorrow People was marred by smut. Do people have to get jiggy on screen? Three seperate lots were geetting grubby.
If they had got to be seen doing the nasty then, like all telly, it should be beleiveable. I'm not saying that we need to see graphic detail, but if people have supposedly just been doing dirties, then they won't be wearing dull huge undercrackers. You have to take those off to do dirties.
Doctor Who wasn't doing filth (thank the Lord), but today's episode was just as lame as yesterdays. Crap plot with even worse acting. How on Earth did it become popular? The other stuff on TV in the 1960s must have been bad if this is what survived.

As I drove to work my piss really boiled. The Cornish have been officially recognised as a "minority". The Cornish woman being interviewed on the radio was seriously suggesting that should the Scottish should vote for independence, then the Cornish might do the same.
I can remember having a conversation in a pub in Bromley in the mid-1980s when I was loudly pontificating that in thirty years time Britain would be part of a United States of Europe which would be looking at even larger international affiliation. Instead of knocking down barriers we are putting up more and more. Where will this push for independece end? In utter anarchy with no central authority whatsoever?
Sometimes I despair for the future.

Work was busy; sax practice went well, and once home I took "Furry Face TM" round the park where I had a good laugh. In the children's play areea is a rubber tyre suspended horizontally three feet off of the ground. Two parent-types were busy extracting a grandparent-type from this tyre. I say "extracting"; they were trying, but not having much luck.

With "er indoors TM" off flogging candles I set about ironing shirts, and with shirts ironed I slept in front of the telly. I wish I ddidn't do that...

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