20 October 2012 (Saturday) - The Shipbourne Stroll

The weekly weigh-in; another pound gone. Exactly five stones have gone since I first started watching what I shove down my neck. It's been a long slog, but probably worth it.
My mobile rang. Having been surfing "informative and educational web sites" someone I know turned on his PC this morning to find that rather than booting up properly, the thing just gives a message that he's been looking at filth, he's been reported to the rozzers, and that said rozzers will let him off if he gives a hundred quid to an obscure e-cash account operating out of Nigeria. We're hoping that it's nothing that a quick dose of AVG won't sort out.

And then on with the business of the day. We'd originally been invited to go on the "Shipbourne Stroll" some time ago. The Shipbourne Stroll is a walk of about ten miles taking in some fifty geocaches along the way. When first asked I was working. And it turned out everyone else was busy too on the planned date. What with one thing and another the event kept getting postponed, but today we did it. We met up with our new geocaching friend and set off to the farm for the Bat. Then on to Shipbourne where we met another new friend.

Five of us (and a small dog) had a great time. The mud was quite intense at places, and the hills were rather steep at one point. But if any of my loyal readers have got thoroughly sick of reading about geocaching in this blog and feel the time is now ripe to actually try it, then I can't recommend this walk highly enough. There were standard old dull film canister caches; there were sandwich box caches. There were dustbin sized caches. Caches padlocked needing puzzle-solving to open them. There were caches cunningly disguised as all sorts of things. The organiser of this stroll cannot be praised highly enough.

On the way round we found and dropped off several trackables. And (in yet another triumph of idiot enthusiasm over common sense) we tried letting Fudge loose off of his lead. I can't in all honesty say that he was as good as gold; there was one dodgy five minutes when he was half a field away (past a sign saying that dogs should be on leads) busy chasing pheasants. But on the whole he wasn't too bad. He came back when called (usually). We might just let him off the lead again.
As always, there's photos of the outing here.

And so home to find that it's the end of an era. Time Team has been axed. After twenty years Channel Four have pulled the plug on the program. Which is a shame....

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