2 August 2017 (Wednesday) - A Big Birthday

I slept well until the puppy started licking and biting my head shortly after 7am. I got up and she made herself comfortable where I had been. I came downstairs and over brekkie watched my lap-top finishing off its weekly update. I *always* make the same mistake; presented with the options of “Update and restart” or “Update and shut down” I invariably go for “Update and shut down”. I always forget this actually means “Do half the update and do the rest when he turns the thing on next time”.
The lap-top eventually came back to life and when it did I managed to have a look at the Internet. Yesterday I mentioned about the week’s geo-event in Devon. Several friends had gone, and were complaining about the rain. In years gone by I used to camp a lot; nowhere near so much these days (it hurts too much), but there’s no denying that the rain does put me off. Rain when camping is manageable *if* you are prepared for it, but being prepared for it involves taking some relatively huge form of shelter. And having some way of drying it out when you bring it home wet.
If I could afford a camper van or a caravan and had somewhere practical to store it…

I then spent a little while on TripAdvisor giving the work the benefit of my sage wisdom on several cafes, restaurants and McDonalds until the birthday girl emerged from her pit. She then spent a rather happy half an hour opening pressies; she had a good haul.

We then took the dogs for a walk. With rain forecast later we thought we’d wear them out before it got wet. A new geocache had gone live in the wilds near Tenterden, so we walked the dogs round some beautiful countryside and even got a cheeky First to Find whilst we were at it.
As we walked we were harangued by a landowner. They were very polite but very insistent that we complained about the owner of the adjoining fields. They claimed that they spent out maintaining the rights of way on their land whilst their neighbour had let the stiles fall into disrepair and had let them become dangerous. We assured them that we would report any dodgy stiles to the council. However we didn’t find any. I wonder what they had the arse about; all the stiles we found were fine.
We got home just as the rain started.

We settled the dogs and drove down to Hythe. "er indoors TM" fancied an afternoon tea, so we went to the Hythe Imperial Hotel. It wasn’t bad but… the coffee cup was so small that two gulps and you emptied it. Admittedly they did free refills. But three tiddly sandwiches, one scone and four micro cakes came to twenty quid each. And call me old fashioned if you will, but I did think the hen party on the next table having champagne instead of tea was just a tad too much. No one gave me the option of a pint. Mind you I’d certainly go back.
On the way home another car rear-ended us; he skidded on the wet roads. No harm was done, but it added to the adventure of the day.

Once home we slobbed for a bit, then collected Sam and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" and then went on to the railway station for "Daddy’s Little Angel TM". The entire tribe then met up at the Harvester where I’d booked a table for family dinner. Not cheap, but then that sort of thing rarely is. And although the food was excellent, like yesterday (in all honesty) I would rather have had a McDonalds…

I think she enjoyed her birthday – I certainly did…

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