19 August 2017 (Saturday) - International Geocaching Day

Last night was rather busy. Not fiendishly "do it now !!!!" busy (like hospital work can be), but non-stop constant-without-a-break busy. It was with a sense of relief that I greeted the day shift.

I took a little detour home; there is a geocache not far from work and today is International Geocaching Day. You get an electronic souvenir if you log a find today. I deserved something for my efforts this morning; this cache was buried under stinging nettles and wasn’t really what the given information would have had me believe.
As I then drove home the pundits on the radio were discussing the death of Bruce Forsyth. I'd seen quite a bit of that on social media overnight when I'd managed a sneak peek at my phone. Admittedly it is sad that he's gone. He was quite a character. But he was nearly ninety years old; did people really think he was going to live forever?

Once home I was mobbed by my dogs, and then I scoffed a little brekkie. I do that. As I shoved toast down my neck I had a look at Facebook. There is the opportunity to go canoeing in a few weeks’ time; I shall see how that pans out.

"er indoors TM" needed to locate some Tupperware to get her geo-souvenir. She was planning to go out with "Daddy’s Little Angel TM" later. My last-born holds no truck with something as lame as hunting for sandwich boxes in the wilderness, so "er indoors TM" decided to go get one this morning. Me and the dogs came along for the ride, and with souvenirs souvenired we went on to Orlestone Woods for a little walk. A rather pretty place; the dogs seems to like their walk even if Fudge did have something of an altercation with “Hamilton”.
Hamilton” was another dog; I’m not entirely sure of his breed, but he looked like Fudge would look if he were about twenty times bigger.

We came home via the co-op to get some cakes for lunch. Today the co-op wasn’t so much a shop as a skating rink for small girls. I lost count of the amount of small children I nearly fell over as they flew past.

I downloaded a pocket query (to feed to “Hannah” later), and with "er indoors TM" off out with the most recent fruit of our loins. I then took myself off to bed for the afternoon.
After a few hours I got up and sorted my own tea. "er indoors TM" and the rest of the tribe had gone to a family birthday party in Hastings. I would have gone with them if not for work. Again…

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