31 January 2016 (Sunday) - Sole Street

Last night as I went to bed I saw my alarm was set. This morning I realised it was still set for yesterday when I needed to be up an hour earlier than I did today. So having been rudely awoken at 6am I lay awake for half an hour before giving up.
I got up feeling somewhat rough. We didn't actually walk that far yesterday; three miles at most. So I was at a loss as to why I ached so much this morning. Also my insides weren't quite what they might have been; I might think twice about an "all you can eat" buffet in the future.

I shared my brekkie toast with "Furry Face TM". He ate that happily enough but wouldn't touch his own brekkie until "er indoors TM" put a small piece of cheese on it. He then yummed it up.
I had a look-see on-line. Little of note had happened overnight so I programmed "Hannah" for the day's planned walk. I must admit had I been thinking I would have charged up my tablet last night and used that today. I was rather miffed to find it was only at twenty eight per cent battery life. Last night the old "GPS vs phone" row kicked off on Facebook. Having used GPS, phone and tablet extensively for hunting tupperware over the last three years I have come to the considered conclusion that the only advantage of a GPS unit is that it has a strap so you can hang the thing round your neck.

We collected Suzy and her associate and set off to Sole Street where we met the rest of today's geo-wanderers. Having spent the last few weeks solving several geo-puzzles the time had come to go find the caches.
I must admit I was a little disappointed with the morning's route. having had a look-see using Google Street View I planned our route along lanes which looked rather quiet and narrow. They turned out o be much wider and busier than I had thought.
After a couple of hours we were back where we'd left the cars. We'd left them by a pub. We had a pint of lunch and then went off on a circular stroll using (mostly) footpaths. I was much more pleased with the afternoon's route.

After some nine miles walking we found ourselves back at the cars. Some of our number had to get away; some of us stayed for a pint of Doombar followed by a pint of Dartford Wobbler.
I then slept most of the way home.

I took a few photos whilst we were out. Once home I got them on-line then scoffed a rather good bit of tea whilst watching yesterday's episode of "Dad's Army". They didn't like it up 'em. Whilst I waited for the washing machine to do its thing I had a look-see on-line.
I then got my shirts ironed and watched a little telly. I fell asleep half way through "War and Peace",

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