25 January 2016 (Monday) - Busy

I slept right through until the alarm went off this morning. I suspect carrying a gas cooker yesterday had taken its toll. Over brekkie I watched a rather lame episode of Dad's Army in which Captain Mainwaring and Sergeant Wilson openly hated and despised each other.
The episode didn't really work; for any TV show, or radio show, or any story really the characters have to be believable. To have the main protagonists acting completely out of character purely for dramatic effect just doesn't convey plausibility.
I then had a look-see on-line. Yesterday posted up a few photos from the family get-together. All sorts of people have clicked the "like" button, including many people that I don't know. I suppose this is the power and the problem with social media; you really don't realise just how far the Internet spreads.

I drove to work; from Kennington to Godmersham (about five miles) some twit was driving about ten yards behind me. At the first opportunity he flew pas me like a bat out of hell, and then started tail-ening the car in front of me and carried on doing so for a further five miles. Being unable to overtake anyone else he actually got to Canterbury about ten seconds before I did.
Perhaps I should have squealed him up to the police for deliberate dangerous driving?

As I drove my piss boiled as I listened to the radio. Some opinionated windbag was ranting about what a waste of time it is prosecuting alleged paedophiles as they "always seem to get off". Personally I would call it "being found not guilty", but this woman wasn't happy. Apparently getting a conviction on an allegation of paedophilia is quite difficult (for all sorts of reasons that I've ranted about ad-nauseum). So it was being suggested that in such cases when witnesses have either died of old age or can't remember the specific and precise details of what happened forty years the law be changed. Rather than proving the accused was guilty it was suggested that it would be sufficient to show that the accused might have been guilty. That way a lot more convictions would be secured.
It bothers me that a *lot* of people are happy with this idea of so-called justice

I stopped off at Morrisons for supplies, then went on to work where I had a surprisingly busy day messing about with prolems arising from the M and K blood groups. (Most people think blood groups stop at "B"!)
And then with one load of work done I started another. "Daddies Little Angel TM" had given orders for me to collect another sofa, and who was I to disobey? Fortunately for my back loading the sofa was quite easy - I was able to park up very near to the house from which it was coming. However I did have three trips up and down the stairs when dropping the sofa off.

I came home and despite having (again) overdone the lifting I then had a rather busy evening. Monthly accounts, ironing, but I did get to watch "Gotham" ...

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