14 January 2016 (Thursday) - Coffee and Cake

I didn't sleep well last night. I was awake for an hour or so in the small hours listening to the torrential rain. I finally dozed off only to be plagued by nightmares in which the kite-flying fraternity had declared war on the geocachers. It was all rather nasty and the Prime Minister had asked me to intervene because I have something of a foot in both camps. However both sides saw me as a traitor and it was with some releif that I was woken by a nuisance phone call just after 7am.
This call was from a new number; 001019, and when I answered it no one was on the other end. I say this was a "new" number; it is new to me. The number was well known on the "report your nuisance phone calls" web sites. I keep being told about how I can avoid these calls but it doesn't seem to matter what I do, someone from India always seems to be bothering my phone.

I took the dogs round the corner to where "Daddies Little Angel TM" and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM" are now living. And having collected them we went for a rather uneventful walk round the park. There is no denying I was hoping to see the (nearly) nudey jogger we encountered yesterday. She was nowhere to be seen, Probably suffering from hypothermia and frostbite I expect.

As I drove to work there was an article on the radio about the Cassini probe which is currently orbiting Saturn. Perhaps because I know a thing or two about space my expectations of the show were a little higher than the might have been. But anything space-related on the radio or the telly always seems to be very dumb-ed down to me. This show could have been so much better - did the presenter *really* think Saturn has a rocky surface?

I was taking a rather round-the-houses route to work today as I needed to find at least one geocache for this calendar thingy. I had my sights set on one in Sellindge; I eventually found it buried under some mud. Something had churned up the ground nearby.
I then drove on listening to an interview with the partner of Ricky Gervais. She was quite an interesting woman. The interview ended just as I was approaching a garden centre so I popped in for coffee and cake. there is something quite therapeutic in sitting alone in a garden centre cafe with a cuppa watching the world go by.
Whilst I was there I got myself a rubber duck. I needed a duck for geocachical purposes. I also need a brick too. I shall try to blag one from somewhere.

I got to work a little earlier than I needed to, and having driven round a very full cark park several times I eventually found an empty spot in which I parked my car. The only empty spot. Having parked I sat and listened to the radio for a few minutes until my peace was rudely interrupted by some silly old sod (wearing a rather stupid hat). He demanded that I drove away; if I was only going to sit in my car I could sit anywhere; he wanted to park his car.
I politely pointed out that I was in the staff parking area and in order to get there he had driven past two signs saying "Staff Only". He rudely announced that he wasn't going to pay to use the public car park when he could park for free in the staff car park, and bustled off threatening to report me for parking my car in a car park for which I pay to park.
I hope he doesn't report me; I know that if he does I will be in the wrong for parking my car in a car park for which I pay to park.

And so the excitement of my day was all over by 11.30am. All things considered another dull day really...

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