6 January 2016 (Wednesday) - Back to the Hospital

Another good night's sleep; I was out for the count for over eight hours last night. I like that.
Over brekkie my piss boiled somewhat as I looked on-line. Last year at the General Election several people of my acquiantance were perhaps a little vocal in standing up for their favoured political choice and quite condescending to anyone who thought otherwise. This morning the same people are rather outspoken about being very unhappy about the obvious consequences of the policies of the government that they (loudly) voted in.
Voting at elections *shouldn't* about voting for your mate, or about voting to send them all back on the next banana boat. It should be about making considered choices for a better future. And to make those choices people *really* need to consider all the options on offer and hear *all* the policies of each choice; not knee-jerk vote for the first pundit to offer you free fish in your hand up-front now.
I would say that that people have made their own bed, now they must lay in it, but I too am laying in that same uncomfortable bed. Did I ever mention that I don't beleive in democracy?

I put the leads onto the dogs; Sid first ran away, then with his lead having been forcibly attached he went to his basket. He *really* didn't want to go out. Fudge however was bouncing about like a thing possessed.
I intended to go to the park, but with two approaches flooded I changed tack and we walked round by the river. As we walked we saw something odd. Two tramps had obviously been sleeping rough under the bridge by the railway station. They were politely sharing a bottle of red wine for breakfast, and both had new bicycles. I wonder what that was all about.
At the earliest opportunity I let both dogs off of their leads. Fudge did his own thing. Sid stayed at heel until he needed a tiddle then (realising I'd walked on) refused to move until I went back for him. He does that; whenever he straggles (for whatever reason) he *really* doesn't want to catch up. He would much rather I went back for him at which point he walks perfectly at heel.
I noticed that the river was quite full this morning. I wonder if it will burst its banks. A few years ago there were floods in Cornwall. Last year floods in Somerset. Now floods in Yorkshire. However once there has been floods the rivers get dredged and all is (relatively) well. Does it really take a genius to realise that some relevent authority should be scraping out the downstream sections of the Great Stour now?

Once home I settled the dogs and then went to the local hospital. It is now four and a half years since it and I had a somewhat acrimonious parting of the ways and even after all this time it still rankles. But leaving all that aside I had to go there for the next stage of the ongoing saga of the lump in my neck. Last spring I was urgently referred to the hospital under the two-week cancer referral scheme. I did write quite a long and in-depth tale about what has been going on; but decided against posting it up here. I expect my loyal readers will understand why I am loathe to do so.
I went back today, and again I had my neck ultrasounded. Whatever it was they found over the summer hasn't grown at all but they performed another aspiration on the side of my neck. I go back to find out what this revealed (or didn't) in a few weeks time. It might be a lymphoma; it might not. Personally I doubt it is anything to worry about at all.
Time will tell. it always does...

I came home and spent much of the afternoon slobbing about. I had been rather dubious about taking a day's sick leave on the day of the first aspiration but in retrospect was glad that I had done so. I had no qualms about doing so today.
As the anaesthetic wore off it felt as though I'd been punched in the side of my neck, and so I sulked in front of the telly. Last night I'd recorded a film to watch. "The Girl Next Door" promised to be quite a raunchy saucy way to spend the afternoon. It wasn't. It was rather dull and despite several jubblies having been "flopped out" the film was probably about an hour longer than it needed to have been.

"er indoors TM" came home; her beano with the other candlemongers had been cancelled so we watched a film which wasn't entirely lame.

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