23 January 2016 (Saturday) - At The Theatre

I woke to the sound of paws. Sid was stomping about at 4am. Bearing in mind his propensity for midnight pooping I got up to let him out. As I got up he went back to bed. As I settled in my bed he got up again. So I got up again and he went back to his bed.
This carried on for an hour or so....

Over brekkie social media was somewhat depressing. A friend who has had a rather grotty deal from life found happiness a few years ago and moved away with her new husband. They had a lovely little family, but this morning I saw that not only had they split up but this chap who seemed such a fine fellow is now determined to ruin her life.
And several other friends have recently lost their good friends to cancer.

When I popped the lead onto "Furry Face TM" in readiness for our walk he got very over excited. Like most dogs the walk is the highlight of his day. Sid saw the lead and ran and hid; the walk isn't in his top ten things to do. But despite Sid's protests both dogs came with me for a quick walk round the block. It was a very foggy morning; probably for the best. With visibility down to ten yards no one saw what I was doing as I paused for a spot of geo-maintenance on one of my caches not far from home.

Once home I had a whinge at the broadband provider. Our home broadband has been slow to the point of being unusable for the last few days. The nice lady on the help desk fiddled about for a bit and then asked why we'd put restrictions on the line. We hadn't. She said that restrictions would slow the broadband, and if we were happy for her to do so she would remove the restrictions. But it would take a couple of hours.
We left her removing restrictions and pausing only briefly for "er indoors TM" to break her phone we went round to collect Cheryl and Lacey, and then went on to Maidstone Park & Ride where we met Glen and Matt.

I'd not done the Maidstone Park & Ride before. A bus with wi-fi. Will wonders never cease?

The bus soon got us in to Maidstone and it was only a short walk to the Hazlitt Theatre. Some time ago a good friend had stuck a geocache on that building. It is a particularly good one. I saw it straight away; but then I know what to look for. Thousands of people must walk past it every day without noticing it. And with geo-stuff done we went in to watch a show,
I've seen "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat" twice before. Once in Eastbourne back in the days when I had religion (circa 1983) and once at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings (about 1988). Today's show was excellent, but then I've now seen six shows done by the Stage Theatre Society and they have all been really good. Mind you every time I've been to their shows the excellent efforts of the actors have been undermined by the sound system, and it happened again today. They really do need to have a word with whoever it is that turns the actors' microphones off and on.

After the show we took another wi-fi-enabled bus back to the car and drove out to the Harvester at the Running Hourse Roundabout. I don't think I've actually been to a Harvester before. I would certainly go again. Excellent food, decent bottled ale (and staff who know how to serve it), and not overpriced either.
And an added bonus was when we showed them Matt's twenty per cent discount deal they gave us twenty five per cent off by mistake.

Once home I checked our broadband. It seems to be working now. And with it working I then made a few plans for a geo-walk next weekend. Bearing in mind it involves premium caches and a few puzzles it probably isn't good form to open it up to absolutely everyone... but if any of my loyal readers want to come for a walk next Sunday just drop me a line.
I've had a really good day today... I feel exhausted now.

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