2 January 2016 (Saturday) - Joggers

After a rather good night's sleep I was woken by the noise of my CPAP device. It was rather noisy so I turned it off and then I got rather breathless. So I got up and (as "er indoors TM" and the dogs snored) had a mooch on-line over brekkie. Among other nonsense I'd had an email offering me a bargain; the option to buy an endoscope for only a tenner. With three and a half metres of cable I could shove the thing down the plug hole to have a good look at the inside of the drains and see the results on the screen of my phone.
Do people actually buy this stuff?
As I smurfed the net (!) "Furry Face TM" came and jumped up onto the sofa with me, plonked his chin on the hand I was using to type with, and went to sleep. For all that everyone else sees a noisy excitable little dog, he is actually rather soppy when he thinks no one else is watching.

With brekkie scoffed I took one half of our resident wolf pack for a walk (Sid was still asleep). What with one thing and another I'd rather forgotten about the joggers and their Saturday morning running round the park. As we dodged the joggers we met up with Orangehead and her Chunky Little Friend. Chunky Little Friend wasn't happy; she'd had a run-in with one of the joggers.
She'd been walking her dog through Victoria Park this morning as some of the joggers ran by six or seven abreast. The joggers swore at her for daring to be on the same path as they were. OrangeHead (being Queen Bee of the Viccie Park dog walking circuit) chirped up that all the other dog walkers also get verbal abuse on Saturday mornings from groups of joggers who insist on running together in such a way as to completely fill the paths and who expect everyone else to jump into the hedges to avoid them.
Apparently OrangeHead knows the particular jogger who had a go at her Chunky Little Friend, and OrangeHead is going to report said jogger to the authorities for child abuse. This jogger was forcing a small child to jog with him when clearly the child didn't want to.
I smiled politely and offered the observation that from what I'd seen over the last year or so I didn't think that people were allowed to jog round the park *unless* they were in groups six or seven abreast,(all with expressions showing they are in pain) swearing at passers by whilst forcing small children to run with them (whilst the children quietly cry that they want to go home).

We came home via Christchurch Road where something had happened. I don't know what it was, but there was a gaggle of people standing around asking each other if they knew what had happened. They asked me if I knew what had happened; I said that I didn't. They all started telling each other that I didn't know what had happened either. I asked what had happened to which a rather distraught woman exclaimed "we don't know".
I left them to it, came home and had a cuppa. My dog jumped onto the sofa with me and did something which amazed me, He stole one of my biscuits and munched it there and then. I didn't know what to say or do; he has *never* done anything like that before. I can't help but wonder if he was showing off in front of Sid.

"er indoors TM" wanted to do the weekly Tesco food shopping. I won't lie; I didn't. But the day before a night shift is often somewhat dull, so I went along on the off-chance that there might have been an adventure.
There wasn't.
As well as all the dull stuff we got Belgian buns for lunch. Not that I'm an expert on the subject, but Tesco's Belgian buns aren't a patch on the Co-op's ones. And with bun scoffed I took myself off to bed for the afternoon. It was as well I was down to be working tonight (and so needing an afternoon in bed) as it was raining outside. I don't mind the rain when it is not stopping me from doing outdoor stuff.

I slept surprisingly well..... I'm off to the night shift now.

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