15 January 2016 (Friday) - A Retirement

The morning's haul of emails brough one from LinkedIn asking of I knew Callum Moffatt, Julie Hayes or Suzanne Foreman. The simple answer is "No". LinkedIn is rubbish. Supposedly about professional networking, I find it tries to connect me with people I don't know, and on that website people I barely know are commending me for skills I don't have.

As I drove to work there were some amazing figures being banded about on the radio. It is no secret that should I get squished in a car crash or some other such tragedy then I would like any and all salvageable organs to be offered up for transplants to anyone who might use them. Thousands of other people feel the same way and have registered such an intention. However forty per cent of such people don't have their wishes honoured. It turns out that their grieving families say no to allowing organs to be used. Over a thousand organs that could be used are wasted every year in this way.
If my nearest and dearest refuse any of my bits to be used (should I get scrunched) I will come back and haunt them!!

And then the Minister for Health was interviewed on the radio. He was outlining the changes he would like to see in the NHS. One of the changes he would like would be for hospital doctors to be able to get urgent blood tests done at the weekend.
My piss boiled.
What does he think I do for a living? I was under the impression that I was already providing that service when I work weekends... I can only imagine that he doesn't realise that this is already happening. And presumably he is making policy decisions being utterly oblivious of what is actually happening in hospitals.... I find that a little worrying.

I got to work, we all speculated about not having to work weekends any more, and then had something of a sad day. A colleague was retiring today.
Trev's been really great to work with, and today was the last day.

After work there was a meal in his honour. Everyone else went home first, but I didn't. I had a little bus adventure into Canterbury. I thought one pound fifty was a tad steep for a minute's ride but it was fun. I found a little back street pub where I had a pint of stout whilst checking theplace out for a future pub crawl. The New Inn was quite a good place to visit; might just go back.
I then made my way to the meeting place; as I walked I found a pub call the the Jolly Sailor which claimed to be an ale house. It lied. It was a lager house. So I walked on to Parrots where I met someone with whom I'd worked five years ago. We had a drink, then another, then more old friends arrived.
As usual it was too late when I realised the mistake of having had three pints of stout before everyone else gets to the pub, but I certainly had a good evening. I think Trev did too...
I even took a few photos whilst I was out and about. Some are a bit blurred; just like my memories of the evening.

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