18 January 2016 (Monday) - Bill and Wombles

Every night as I sleep I have air blasted into me from my CPAP machine. It takes the device a few minutes to settle and get the pressure right when it starts; as it does so I read my Kindle app. Last night I finished an e-book. The first volume of Alexei Sayle's autobiography made for very interesting reading even if it did only cover his childhood. I'm looking forward to the next volume which is to be published in a few months time.
Over brekkie I wondered what book I might read next.
Six years ago I published a list of my top twenty books. It is a list I might re-visit. Over the years I have read all of these books so many times. However until now one has not been available in e-format. But this morning I found it on Amazon. I can remember really enjoying "Earth Abides"; let's hope it is as good as I remember it.

As I drove to work the pundits on the radio were quoting some rather amazing statistics. Apparently some twenty per cent of British Muslim women don't speak English. Whilst this isn't news (I blogged about it on 12 February 2007) surely this is a problem which should be addressed. The pundits then wheeled on someone from the bleeding heart brigade who ranted for a few minutes about how inaccurate these figures are. He claimed the actual number of British Muslim women who don't speak English is closer to six per cent. But what ever the actual number the fact remains that there are thousands of women in this country who don't speak the language. Surely that can't be right.

I stopped off at Morrisons this morning. Having been driving through the most beautiful of sunrises this morning I had a plan to take a photo of the glorious red sky from Morrisons car park. By the time I'd got to Canterbury the sky had lost its wonderful colours and was just rather grey and drab.
I got fruit for the week; I also got various toiletries. (Sometimes my life can be so exciting). Mind you I was rather amazed at the price of shaving gel. The posh stuff from Gilette retails at £3.86, the same amount of Morrison's own-brand stuff costs eighty seven pence.
I wonder exactly who it is that buys the Gillette stuff?

I got to work where there was minor excitement. Today we got to log on to the works free wi-fi for our own personal use. It is a little perk which will be available all the time it is not abused.
We spent a little while speculating on what constitutes abuse of a wi-fi system. One of the more senior members of staff (who really should know better) assured us that the works wi-fi was good for most things but womble porn would be crossing the line.
No one was brave enough to try to look up womble porn to test that hypothesis.

Once home I ran the dogs round the world and then had a look on-line. There is a meme going round at the moment about being like Bill. A growing number of people are getting quite upset with Bill. Personally I don't mind the chap. But if we are getting rid of things from social media I'd rather see a few less hashtags.
I then settled myself in front of the telly. Gotham is on later...

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