3 January 2016 (Sunday) - Goldfinger

Last night as I worked I listened to the radio. I do that on my way to and from work and on night shifts. I once found just how easy it was to get out of touch with current affairs so (much as it winds me up) I listen to the radio's news and current affairs programmes when I can.
Not having listened to any news for a week I was wondering what had happened in the wider world. It would seem the major event of news was the fact that the football team Manchester City had won a game. I heard about this in many reports and articles all night long. I was going to ask "who cares" but it is quite clear that a *lot* of people must care for it to have had such a high profile last night.

After a rather busy night I came home and went straight to bed. Despite endless phone calls and dogs barking I stayed there for seven hours until I gave up trying to sleep. Over a rather late brekkie I checked social media. My niece was hit by a car last night. The incident wasn't (quite) as serious as it sounds; she was walking along a lane and she was clipped on the hand by the car's wing mirror. Her hand was rather seriously bruised; the car's wing mirror didn't survive the impact.
It is a sign of our times that she was ranting about the matter within seconds of it having happened, but she didn't think to take the number of the car that hit her.

I also confirmed something I had suspected yesterday. Toward the end of last year in the company of several hunters of tupperware I'd started on the Essex Way series of geocaches; a guided walk of over four hundred geocaches along a route of over eighty miles. Yesterday I heard reports that this series was being archived.
My first reaction was disappointment; with other caches to be found on the way this was a series of over six hundred finds which could be done in smaller easy segments. I'd only done two of them. It looks like this series had only been out for one year. Much as I advocate not leaving caches out for ever I can't help but feel that one year was perhaps rather a short time.
Having said that it looks as though no one has been out along the second stretch since we walked it some six weeks ago. And it also looks as if no one had walked the first stretch since we walked it back in October. Realistically there are only so many people who will walk a linear route; they need some preparation as you need to have a car at each end. Perhaps the route really had run its course? It would have been good to have gone back to Essex to finish the walk but with this walk gone the area is now clear for others. People are already talking about putting out new series.

As I scoffed my toast (with my wolf pack on my lap) I watched the telly with half an eye. I had been hoping that "Upstairs Downstairs" might have been on. It wasn't, but the James Bond film "Goldfinger" was. I was surprised at just how much Sid was watching the film; he was growling at the screen at least once every five minutes. As the afternoon wore on I found myself more and more captivated by the film. For all that it is an iconic film (actually as old as I am), it is rather crap really. Would Goldfinger *really* not have shot Bond dead so much earlier. And would he *really* have put up with so much nonsense from him?

And now I'm off to another night shift. These days between the night shifts are rather dull....

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