5 January 2016 (Tuesday) - Flooded Park

Despite being woken by the rain at some point in the night it didn't disturb me for long. I slept for over nine hours last night. Presumably the after-effect of two night shifts?

I put all the white landry into the washing machine and then fed the dogs. Sidney hoovered his food up; Fudge walked away, but at my insistence he came back and nibbled at it for a bit. He's been off his food for the last few days. I wonder what's bothering him. Mind you he's never been a greedy dog.
Over my own brekkie I saw three new geocaches had gone live nearby. The local "FTF-grabber" had been out and done the "FTF-happy-dance" on all three barely an hour after their publication and over an hour before I'd woken up. Whilst he is doing nothing at all wrong in charging out like that, I can't help but wonder if it would be good to give others a chance. Especially when the local "FTF-grabber" operates as a team of four. In many parts of the world many people enjoy the race for FTF; in these parts no one bothers trying any more.
Not much had happened on social media. A lot of people were sulking that the Christmas holidays were over. I must admit that I've had a rather good break; and (in many ways) what with a biopsy tomorrow and a night shift on Friday I've still got another week before I'm back to work "properly".

I then took my wolf pack (of two small dogs) for a walk round to the park. Today must have been "National Pick Up Your Dog Day"; everyone that we met who had a dog today picked their dog up as we approached. What was that all about?
We had to adjust our route through the park somewhat; everywhere we went was flooded.

We got home to find it was mid day already. Where had the morning gone? I popped up the road to the corner shop for a sandwich. Having looked at my blog archive yesterday I realised that my sandwich cost the same today as it did eight years ago.
As I scoffed my sandwich I watched the weekend's broadcast of "War and Peace". I've never read the book but what I saw was rather good. I quite liked the appearance of Adrian Edmonson as Count Rostov; it never fails to amaze me how the alternative comedians of the 1980s are actually rather good actors. Both Rik Mayal and Alexei Sayle have been excellent in straight roles. The actress playing Natasha looked very familiar; but it took an Internet search to show me she's actually been in Downton Abbey.

I got the second load of washing hung on to the clothes horse just as the torrential rain started and I then had (yet) another attempt to get proper maps working on my phone's geo-app. This is something I've been struggling with (on and off) for nearly a year. At Friday's geo-meet I met the chap who'd given me instructions to set it up in the first place, and he gave me one or two pointers. After a minute's twiddling I now have it working.
Now the burning question.... having got decent maps back on my phone do I still need a GPS unit? The geo-admin is easier with a GPS unit, and the GPS unit comes with a lanyard so it hangs round my neck. But with "proper" maps on my phone (and tablet) there *really* isn't much to choose between the phone and the GPS.
Whilst waiting for the laundry to dry I spent a little while solving geo-puzzles with a view to go for a walk at the weekend.
There's no denying that whilt the morning flew past, the afternoon dragged somewhat.

With the laundry basket *finally* emptied "er indoors TM" came home with a ton of washing generated by "Daddies Little Angel TM" and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM".
What with the usual Tuesday crew being (nearly all) indisposed we had a rather good bit of scoff and watched "War and Peace". "er indoors TM" wanted to watch it, and I wanted to watch it again to figure out what had been going on...

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