7 January 2016 (Thursday) - Littlestone

Having had two good nights sleep was it really that surprising to find myself wide awake and listening to the rain from 3pm onwards today?
Over brekkie I saw I had a friend request on Facebook. If any of my loyal readers could remind me from where I know Ivy Repollo Caruyan (who seems to be a schoolchild from the Philippenes) I would be very grateful.
Also over brekkie my laptop had a low battery warning. It looks like the cable which powers the thing has gone west. I have temporarily blagged the one that "er indoors TM" uses. I wonder how long I will get away with that. I then phoned "Daddies Little Angel TM" to postpone our walk until after the rain had stopped. There is no fun in going out just to get wet. And then finding myself at a loose end for a while I watched the last episode of "Tripped". A good series; I hope they make another.

Once the rain had subsided I loaded the dogs into the car and drove round to collect "Daddies Little Angel TM"
and "Stormageddon - Bringer of Destruction TM". The most recent fruit of my loin wanted to take the dogs for a walk; I had a space on my geo-calendar to fill. So we drove down to Littlestone Beach where everyone could be happy.
We parked up outside of a house which I can only describe as looking like the sort of place where Herman Munster or Gomez Addams might live. As we got the buggy and dogs and littlun out of the car I sensed we were being watched. A rather ferocious-looking crone was watching us from this house with the sort of expression with which a hungry dog might use to view a distant bone. In a spirit of friendliness "Daddies Little Angel TM" gave this crone a cheery wave. Said crone was not at all happy about that.

We walked off along the sea wall; as we started walking the sun came out and it was a surprisingly warm day. The dogs sniffled as dogs do, I took a few photos whilst we walked.
I tried to encourage the dogs into the sea. Fudge played, but Sid wasn't keen. As we walked we chatted with other dog walkers; we met a pair of black pugs and spent quite a while "talking pug".
Having walked the length of the golf course we noticed it was getting colder and the sky was darkening so we turned round and walked back to the car. We got back just as the drizzle started, and as we drove home so the rain got heavier.

Once home bboth dogs settled on sofas and within minutes both were soundly snoring as I found myself engrossed in an episode of "Only Fools and Horses" which was first aired over thirty years ago. Mind you despite its age and despite my having seen it so many times it was still funny.

Jimbo called round and we went out to Wye. The idea was to have a crafty half in the Barber's Arms. It would have been a good idea had the place actually been open. Instead we had a pint in the King's Head and two halves at the Tickled Trout before going to McDonalds. And suitably McDonalded we went on to the astro club committee meeting.
A good meeting; always something of a laugh to be had. Plans for the future made, and we've even decided on another committee meeting in the not too distant future...

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