27 February 2012 (Monday) - The Holiday's Over

Bearing in mind the active weekend I've just had, I was amazed that I wasn't aching this morning. Mind you, the word is that my grand-dog Fudge went home last night and was absolutely shattered: he'd never been so quiet and subdued. I think we might have got ourselves the job of wearing Fudge out more often.

To work, where, after having a weeks holiday, I found that I disagreed with the management. They felt that I still had a week's leave to book before the end of March. I wasn't quite so sure, but after a moment's reflection I decided to agree with them, and promptly booked another week off.

And then on with the business of the day. I was at work, so I did some. Not much; in fact I probably did the bare minimum. There was a time when I would have done far more. But times have changed.
Over lunch I spent half an hour on the phone to one of the employment agencies about another possible opening, and then heard about last week's interview. Needless to say I didn't get the job. I'm told that I interviewed well, but some of the other candidates had hands-on experience with what the job was to be demonstrating. I must admit that I wasn't expecting to get the job, bit it don't stop me being disappointed. Mind you, there are always loads of other jobs I can apply for. And having said that, I spent an hour this evening applying for more jobs to prove (or disprove) the point.

And then once I felt "applied out" I spent some time doing on-line surveys. I've now got twenty quid in Tesco vouchers. I might buy some new trousers. Ones that aren't six inches too big round the waist...

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