25 February 2012 (Saturday) - A Dog, A Walk, A Meal

We were up earlier than usual on a Saturday morning: we were expecting a house guest. With "My Boy TM" setting off to his dirty weekend in Eastbourne, we had volunteered to supervise the antics of our grand-dog. Fudge arrived shortly after 8.30am and burst into the house like a mini-whirlwind. We got our instructions for what do do with him, and the dirty weekenders set off. Fudge continued to charge about the house for an hour or so. He then went into the garden where he tiddled over pretty much everything. Getting him back into the house was something of a mission; bearing in mind he totally ignored everything I said to him. In the end we left the back door open and waited until he went into the house of his own accord. Following on from that, it's clear he can't be trusted off of his lead at walkies time.
Fudge seemed to trying to get at something under the sofa. It was a dog biscuit left over from one of my other grand-dog's visits. He soon yummed that up; and spent a few minutes yumming up all the other left-over dog biscuits he could find.

For some odd reason when "er indoors TM" went upstairs to get changed, Fudge's behaviour completely changed. He became very restless, and stood by the door and cried. It's obvious that he's decided who the head of the household is. After a while "er indoors TM" came down, which cheered him up no end. He then followed her around like a second shadow. He would rather follow her than bother me for my coffee and cake. Mind you, he did bother her for her tea, but when given some tea of his own, he didn't seem to like it at all. "er indoors TM" then gave him an old teddy bear and a sock which he threw around the living room and destroyed with gusto.

Whilst Fudge got used to his new surroundings and slowly calmed down (calm being a relative term) I had a look-see what was happening on Facebook. I do that a lot. I exchanged insults with various people, reminisced with my cousin about Tiswas, commented with various other people about what an excellent night we'd had last night at astro club, and even had a database write fail error. Which was nice.

Andy arrived, and after a quick hot cross bun for lunch we set off to Kings wood for a wander. Ostensibly to wear the dog out, but a stroll round the woods is always good. I'd not been to Kings Wood for ages. I really should go there more often. After all I am a member of the friends of Kings Wood. (Or the Tree Huggers, depending on your personal perspective).
We very soon found ourselves at the Stour Valley Arts B52; and on finding out that Andy hadn't seen the art in the woods, we set off on a mission to see as many of the woodland art exhibits as we could come across by randomly wandering about the woods. During our two and a half hour wander we probably covered about six miles of paths, and found just over half of the art work. It was a shame that vandals have removed the descriptive plaques of most of the exhibits, but such is life, really.

I came home and sent a message to Tree Hugger HQ to let them know about the removed plaques. I don't know if they already know, but it's probably best that they be told several times than not at all.
And then I noticed something strange - one of the best Facebook pages in the world had somehow lost all of its followers. So, loyal readers, do sign up to Facebook; if only to keep "CrackWatch" alive. After all, if we don't watch those cracks, who else will?

After exchanging insults with the dirty weekenders, the Folkestonians arrived and with Fudge absolutely shattered we left him in the kitchen and set off to High Halden. Following a particularly excellent pre-Christmas dinner back in December we seem to have started off a non-competitive "Come Dine With Me", and tonight Andy and Julie were in the hot seat. And they didn't disappoint. A wonderful starter of all sorts of dips, really good fajitas, choice of desserts, excellent company and fun entertainment. We had a really good evening - must do it again soon....

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